Call them ‘aerosol clouds’ not chemtrails, and tell everyone you see

I’ve got fed up with writing about chemtrails.  The only way to get any action is to get everyone to know what they are, to the point that everyone starts shouting at politicians, and TV can’t ignore them any longer.

In the last few days, the morning has started well with lovely sunshine, only to be ruined by a cross hatch of sprays delivered by the weather ‘modification’ boys overhead.  What a bunch of idiots they must be, if they can’t work out what’s actually going on.

Within an hour the spray slowly expands into clouds and the gaps between the ‘clouds’ close.  The sun is blocked out.

Quite a few people are aware now, whereas a year ago , almost no one was.  I just include aerosol cloud explanations in my normal ‘hi there’ conversations.  A few people think I’m going nuts, but all agree to check the sky in the morning at about 8 am and see if they can see what we are all talking about.

I wrote to Owen Paterson about them last year and he was not willing to agree with their existence.  If everyone on his doorstep starts asking him what these aerosol clouds are for, he can no longer say he is not aware, and same goes for all the rest of them.  The answer is to get talking about them every day, every hour until everyone you now thinks you’re either nuts, or they start to get it.

I find calling them ‘aerosol clouds’ is an easier phrase for people to work from than chemtrails.  Chemtrails sound a bit technical.   Aerosols are an everyday thing people know about.

PLUS –  from  keeplookingup

There’s an article in the Mail newspaper about a ‘sun dog’ appearing in the sky over Cuba. The paper is claiming that it’s caused by a refraction of light due to small ice crystals..
Here’s one of the images from the article…

Cuban ‘sun dog’

I regularly see these halos around the sun after a heavy spell of chemtrailing……

heavy chemtrailing sees sky blanketed

halo begins to appear

halo forming

notice the dispersing chemtrail covering the sun

halo formed

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9 Responses to “Call them ‘aerosol clouds’ not chemtrails, and tell everyone you see”

  1. People think you’re a bit strange if you keep going on about chemtrails all the time so I’ll try aerosol clouds for a while and see what happens.
    People don’t believe in chemtrails because they’re not on the telly. Well not explained on the telly anyway. Just

    I’ve started to upload my pics of chemtrails in East Scotland if you have time to stop by here…

  2. It is becoming so obvious now that the weather in the uk is being modified but yet nobody can believe it, shut up they can’t change the weather, where is your tinfoil hat. People seem to be stuck in a constant “stockholm syndrome” and simply will not believe that we live in a pedeocracy and that the politicians want to lower the age of consent, even the spraying, that one can be seen by everybody, another indicator should be that we average about one day of sunshine a week but nobody seems to want to except that we are being poisoned from above.

  3. Anonymous says:

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  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Noticed on Saturday, that the clouds had separated into a broken ice pattern.
    The wind started to gust in the evening, and was well onto the high wind on Sunday and Monday morning.
    Because the wind blew away the trails we had a sunny day for once.
    Without a doubt it’s a weather weapon being tested.

  5. Anonymous says:

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  6. Anonymous says:

    Sick to death of the mainstream media and politicians labeling chemtrails as ‘conspiracy theory’. It’s getting silly now and something needs to be done about it.

    And you’ve got professional liars like Al Gore taking the urine:

  7. Anonymous says:

    these are actually supposed to be quite ancient…

  8. Wish13 says:

    This is a great video (4:36 mins long). Kids tell adults what to look for, and how to research chemtrail activities …

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