Boston Met area turns into Baghdad

Police State Overkill Leads to Martial Law in Boston Met Area

BREAKING: Graphic Photo: Exclusive Coroner Image of Boston Bombings Suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev

21st Century Wire says… As literally thousands of police and military-style personnel descend on Watertown today, in an attempt to apprehend one suspect to the Boston Bombings. This massive have told resident by authorities that these thousands of militarized police “will not leave the area until it is safe”. This by definition, is Martial Law. According to WBZ radio in Boston, the following are all happening today:

– Up to 9,000 law enforcement personnel are in Boston presently, to apprehend one suspect

– Dozens of SWAT Teams have been deployed

– Multiple bomb squads in play making ‘controlled detonations’ of suspect packages

– Teams of sniffer dogs have been deployed for house to house searches in the wider urban area

– Public transport has been shut down until further notice

– Use of Taxis restricted

– Access to hospital facilities have been restricted

– Banks are closed

– Major professional and sporting events all canceled

– Police have commandeered areas of town as staging areas

– Tanks have been deployed to Watertown as part of the police’s operation

The amount of resources amounts to the equivalent of forces currently on rotation duty in the city of Bagdad, Iraq.

EARLIER POST from 21st Century Wire


21st Century Wire says… Mainstream US talk radio host Michael Savage, has openly ripped into the White House culture of political gamesmanship, deception and cover-ups – with an obvious focus on the Boston Bombing cover-up by federal authorities and complicit corporate media like CNN and of course, White House microphone MSNBC…

An alleged “Saudi national” named Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi was immediately apprehended by local police, only be released at the orders of Federal authorities, before he was quietly and swift sent on a plane back to Saudi Arabia. An important note here is the term, ‘Saudi national’, meaning he holds a Saudi Arabian passport but there is no confirmation of him being a Saudi Arabian citizen. This is often the case with covert assets in the field, some of whom hold up to 5 different passports and work for more than one intelligence agency. Combinations can often include asset holding Saudi, US, German, Israeli, Iraqi, Irish or Egyptian passports as an example. Was Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi such a person? Because of swift action by US federal officials, we may never find out any more about this person of interest

One thing is certain in this case: the at the US Federal government does not want this ‘person of interest’ to be held or interrogated on US soil in connection with the Boston Bombing. How do we know this is true? Because on the same day he was let go by local police in Boston, President Barack Obama broke itinerary in for an emergency meeting with Saudi Foreign Minister in Washington DC preceding the announcement of his repatriation back to Saudi Arabia. If this was a cover-up, then what else has been hidden by authorities from public view?

More information on this development here…

Was this Saudi national one of the men clearly visible in these photos below? The cache of pictures from the Boston Marathon and subsequent bombings was collated and posted online by the website 4Chan, and they clearly display a number of potential operatives, complete with ear coms units, and some even wearing standard issue Navy SEAL apparel with large black backpacks – all present at the finishing line before the bombs went off. 

Local Boston Police are on record as being heard telling bystanders that there was ‘a drill’ on that day, the presence of private military firm Craft International, and announcements to public ‘not to be alarmed’, and additionally there was the official announcement in advance of a planned, “controlled bomb detonation” in front of the Kennedy Library as well, which gives this Boston event an almost uncanny resemblance to the massive terror drill being conducted by Visor Consultants in London on July 7, 2005 – aka 7/7, a drill which actually went live at the exact same tube stations, at the exact same time as the so-called planned drill.

Friday: FBI finally release some images, suspect dies in custody
NBC News reports today detail this latest odd development:

“The FBI released new photos of two “armed and extremely dangerous” suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing early Friday.
The pair — who were armed with explosives and guns — battled authorities in a Boston suburb until cops took one of the men into custody, and the other fled, sources said. Officials later said the the suspect taken into custody died.”

So one suspect already taken into custody has died? What was his name? Why is this kept hidden in small print?

Here are the two latest suspects that the FBI want us to look for (below):

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  1. Morning tap.
    9,000 troops for one guy ? They don’t want him alive and talking then. Mmmm I wonder why ?

    O/T…heavy chemtrailing over Tayside today. Do you or your readers have any spraying in their area ?

  2. Anonymous says:

    No chemtrailing yet in Manchester. Looks like it will be a nice sunny day too.

    I bet the chemtrailing jets will be flying this afternoon then when people are enjoying the weather. If only these people out and about enjoying the weather would look up and say ”that doesn’t look right” when that milky haze starts blocking out the blue skyline.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Heavy Chemtrailing in Co. Durham

  4. Anonymous says:

    Chemtrailing taking place in Sheffield now. I’m handing out flyers with URL’s to strangers and getting them to look up. Sheer curiosity hopefully will get them to check out the websites

  5. Martin says:

    No aerosol spraying in Norwich yet . No 9000 pigs yet either . Only in America .

  6. thanks guys….the chemtrails in Tayside have now spread out and covered most of the sky ( behind some ‘real’ clouds).

  7. Tapestry says:

    NO spraying SHrewsbury area yet – or at least minimal. Nice sunny warm day. How long have we got?

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