Beware vaccination charm offensive

The Most Dangerous Greeting Your Child May Ever Receive

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Expect your mailbox to receive messages telling you to vaccinate your child.

Expect the worst greeting your child may ever receive shortly after they are born.
It is interesting, just who is linked to whom, when it comes to vaccinations. Very often, what we as individuals perceive as one thing is something else entirely. This is because we are not in possession of the full facts, which make the larger picture. However, when we delve deeper, what we uncover can often be far more sinister than even we expected.
As we are aware, the governments and pharmaceutical companies are always searching for new ways to push vaccinations onto unsuspecting parents. The earlier they can target a child’s parents, the better they like it. One of the vaccination initiatives being used by twenty-seven states across the US is to send every new parent a “congratulations on the birth of your baby” card.
According to reports, governors from twenty-seven states across the US have teamed up with Hallmark Greeting Cards to send every new parent a card following the birth of their baby. The card includes a personal message from the governor of their state, a detachable growth chart and an up-to-date immunization schedule. This vaccination initiative attempts to make parents fully aware which vaccinations their newborn baby should receive.
The Healthy Home Economist, reporting on the story, stated, “Having the cards actually come from state governors themselves is the new twist which gives the program’s ‘friendly’ pressure to vaccinate a more personal and authoritative touch.” [1]

With Love, From Your State Government

Although Mike Adams from Natural News had covered this story back in 2011, as well as many other sites, I have decided to revisit this issue in greater detail. I have uncovered some interesting facts that must be exposed.
Obviously, the state governors do not send these touching sentiments to parents out of the goodness of their hearts, so, what is the real reason behind these cards? It appears that their real agenda is to meet their vaccination targets. The Capital Times explains:
“When it began, the immunization rates for children up to age 2 in Missouri and Kansas were roughly 45 percent and 52 percent, respectively. Immunization rates for the youngest citizens in those states now hover around 76 percent, according to the program’s website.” [2]
Beth Kaplan, a spokesperson with the state of Wisconsin’s Division of Public Health, whose state vaccination compliance rates have reached as high as 84 percent since the implementation of this program, believes that this initiative is just one way to create awareness about the importance of vaccinations for children. She says, “the program is one of many things we do to encourage the vaccination of children.”

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  1. Julia says:

    It also makes me wonder what the hidden horrors of the growth chart are, if the government are on a charm offensive with that too.
    Our society is obsessed with measuring everything, which is probably why we are run by Rulers.
    Measuring a baby from birth is just to get us into the swing of the whole school thing when kids are constantly measured and compared with targets. As if they are items in a factory production line.

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