Are root canals lethal?

97% of Terminal Cancer Patients Previously Had This Dental Procedure…

Do you have a chronic degenerative disease?  If so, have you been told, “It’s all in your head?”

Well, that might not be that far from the truth… the root cause of your illness may be in your mouth.
There is a common dental procedure that nearly every dentist will tell you is completely safe, despite the fact that scientists have been warning of its dangers for more than 100 years.
Every day in the United States alone, 41,000 of these dental procedures are performed on patients who believe they are safely and permanently fixing their problem.
What is this dental procedure?

The root canal.

More than 25 million root canals are performed every year in this country.
Root-canaled teeth are essentially “dead” teeth that can become silent incubators for highly toxic anaerobic bacteria that can, under certain conditions, make their way into your bloodstream to cause a number of serious medical conditions—many not appearing until decades later.

TAP – I had loads of these done when they took out the mercury fillings, and the teeth were painful as the nerves recovered the ability to feel.  Not all root canals are fatal, I take it!  You can keep your cancer-fighting capabilities high by keeping B17 in your diet.

Apricot and plum kernels.  Sprouts.  Spinach.  Apple pips and many other good sources.

Also keep your fluoride levels down by not using fluoridated toothpaste, avoiding fluoridated water as best you can and sprinkling salt.

COLIN –   you should read  “Root Canal Cover-up” by George E. Meinig..He was one of the founding members of the American Association of Endodontists(root canal therapists).

Even removing root canal teeth needs a special procedure!  


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  1. Anonymous says:

    All it takes is a abscess to kill you, I know first hand how dangerous a little thing like a broken tooth can be.

    I was sent away by the hospital 3 times, on my 4th visit I collapsed into a coma for 3 days, regular trips to the dentist CAN save your life.

  2. duggo says:

    If you never want to visit a dentist again this is what you do.
    Clean your teeth with 50/50 peroxide (10 vols) and water. Then take a level teaspoon of XYLITOL and let it dissolve on your mouth. Swish it through your teeth for at least three minutes. Spit it out but DO NOT RINSE YOUR MOUTH. The Xylitol must coat your teeth to be effective.
    How does it work: The Xylitol is eaten by the bacteria that forms plaque and causes gum disease and cavities.
    The bacteria can not metabolise xylitol so they effectively fill-up but starve to death. Bad breath, gum disease and loose teeth are things of the past.
    I’ve proved it and it works!

  3. duggo says:

    Do the Xylitol procedure twice a day.

  4. Anonymous says:

    if you want good teeth gums and health try this

    organic cold pressed coconut oil works well too

    and just as important as the resonance beings of frequency movie I mentioned

    detox the pineal gland with natures best solvent



  5. Chris Jones says:

    Villified and which hunted by the BBC and mainstream media,the ‘fraudulant hoaxer’ Andrew Wakefield responds. Calmly and rationally

    (scroll down for his article)

  6. Chris Jones says:

    Correction -I mean witch hunted

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