Americans beg for enslavement


It seems that the biggest urban dragnet in US history could not manage to find the suspect, who was eventually found by a neighbor having a cigarette break.

What is obviously clear by the public reaction, and by the incessant grandstanding by a handful of officials at multiple press briefings, was that the people of Boston had been conditioned to believe that an overwhelming police and military show of force in Boston was necessary in order to ‘make them feel safe’.For federal and local officials, this was their own personal ‘Katrina moment’, and the media circus scrum saw a number of individuals and departments almost competing for air-time in a bid to make their own corner of the crisis relevant while the national media spotlight was still fresh.  The words of former White House chief of staff Rahm Emmanuel can be heard echoing through Boston: 

“Never let a good crisis go to waste”…

The city of Boston was effectively closed down under military-style dictum that included the closure of the city MBTA public transport system, Taxis taken off the road, restricted curfews, bank closures, business closures, police taking over public areas for ‘staging’, door to door searches of homes, and something which was not reported, and unsurprisingly so, the military commandeering of Boston police scanner communications in the early hours of Friday morning. Drivers heading in and out of city arteries could see the signs which read in bright letters,“Shelter-in-place in effect in Boston”, which was an order to stay indoors.

Boy held is still only ‘a suspect’

Here another major point which seems to be lost on everyone from the President downwards – the 19 year old held in custody is still only ‘a suspect’. After the largest man-hunt in New England history, with an estimated 9,000 local and federal police, hundreds of bomb squad workers and SWAT Team marksman, anti-terror specialists and a visible contingent of heavymilitary vehicles – all spread throughout Boston conducting house-to-house searches, patrolling city neighborhoods – the 19 year old high school wrestling champion and University of  Massachusetts Dartmouth student fugitive Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was miraculously located only blocks from the original shoot-out on the evening of April 18th. He has since been transferred to a local hospital and is said to be in serious condition due to gun shot wounds suffered some 24 hours before. 

It was a bizarre spectacle – even by American standards, where under a federal mandate, the city of Boston went into complete lock-down for nearly 2 days, enacting what amounts to Martial Law, in order to apprehend one 19 year old suspect, who, based on the assessment of every pundit on every local and major network (as well as the White House) had already been determined to be the most dangerous fugitive in US history. Even after being discovered nearly bleeding to death under a tarp covering a boat in someone’s Sommerville driveway, the feeding frenzy continued, along with accolades and tributes to the bravery of Boston’s 9,000 plus finest. 

To call all of this over-the-top is an understatement for sure, but more than anything, it confirms what many already suspected – that faced with any threat – real or fabricated, and after pumping up with the corporate media machine and the new American police state,  and in a macabre sort of fashion which has become almost unique to the post-9/11 American cultural mindset – they will clamour for Martial Law in their communities. Naturally, and with this Boston example offered as clear proof, authorities, technocrat and the architects of the new American police state now know this is indeed the case.

Here they are at it, media and false flag suckers, without any clue what’s being done to them.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Certainly a good drill for the implementation of a Red List/ Blue List.


  2. Anonymous says:

    TIMING eh, Yesterday was this a coincidence?



    you can listen again
    Dr K
    6 days left to listen
    Duration: 58 minutes
    First broadcast: Saturday 20 April 2013

    Henry Kissinger is the most celebrated figure in US foreign policy, despite having left office over thirty-five years ago.

    His much-vaunted “opening to China” with President Nixon in 1972, his détente policy with the Soviet Union during the Cold War and his shuttle diplomacy across the Middle East, all saw Dr. Kissinger guiding American interests and seeking durable power balances. Ever since then, each US president has sought out Kissinger’s sage advice.

    But Kissinger’s reputation has a darker side. Some critics still find inexcusable the Americans’ bombing of Cambodia and involvement in Chile’s 1973 military coup. They also deplore what they see as his indifference to human rights.

    In this programme, Mark Malloch Brown, a former Foreign Office minister and top official at the United Nations, presents a personal perspective on Dr. K.

    As a young man in the 1960s and 1970s, Mark was repelled by what he saw as Kissinger’s ruthless realpolitik and apparent downplaying of the plight of peoples from IndoChina to Latin America.

    However, over the course of his own long career, Mark’s view of Dr K has changed. The collapse of communism, the rise of China and the problems left unresolved by the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq have led Mark to view Kissinger’s insights into foreign policy – and how to achieve stability and security – more sympathetically.

    As Kissinger’s 90th birthday nears, Mark asks: what are the lessons of Dr K’s thinking and practice for our own times?

    Also taking part are the historian, Margaret MacMillan; the colleague and critic of Henry Kissinger, Morton Halperin; the long-standing Kissinger aide, Winston Lord; and the author of the award-winning critique of America’s bombing of Cambodia, William Shawcross.

    Producer Simon Coates


  3. Anonymous says:

    TIMING eh, Yesterday was this a coincidence?

    ( 1/ )


    Robert Mueller
    Duration: 13 minutes
    First broadcast: Saturday 20 April 2013

    Mark Coles profiles the long-serving and influential head of the FBI, Robert Mueller. Mueller took on the job one week before the 2001 World Trade Center attacks. Now, as he approaches retirement, the FBI is again dealing with the aftermath of an attack on American soil.

    The squared-jawed Princeton graduate was decorated for bravery during the Vietnam War before training as a lawyer. Dissatisfied with private practice, he found a government job as assistant US attorney in San Francisco – a move which marked the beginning of a steady climb to the top of law enforcement in America.

    He transformed the FBI from an organisation that solves crimes into one that also seeks to prevent terrorist attacks. He’s now the longest-serving FBI director since J Edgar Hoover. Yet surprisingly little is known about him


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