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Yesterday should have been a bright sunny day, but from dawn planes were criss-crossing the sky with cloud seed, or chemtrails as they are known.  They really want winter to last as long as possible and prevent grass and other crops from starting to grow, not to mention deprive humanity of vital sunlight.  Here is the USAF’s own pamphlet for informing recruits what chemtrails are.   If you challenge the Secretary of State of the Environment to acknowledge they exist, you’re in for a battle.  We need more evidence that they exist, he said.  Well, Mr Paterson, here’s a little more for you to ponder.

NB – WASP says there is little content here of any value.  That said the comments have brought out interesting correspondence with East Midlands Airport about planes that chemtrailing.  Incidentally, people are turning to UKIP in droves.  When did any UKIP spokesperson mention the word ‘chemtrails’?

Breaking: Air Force “Chemtrails” Manual Available For Download


Download USAF Academy “Chemtrails 131 Manual Fall 1990″ PDF
By Harold Saive Originl Post HERE
Many observers of the past two decades of covert aerosol geoengineering adopted the term “chemtrails” to describe unnatural emissions and trails originating from military jet engines. If the term Chemtrails originated at the DoD we could suspect the term came into wide civilian use when a cadet or instructor repeated it so often that “Chemtrails” was adopted by civilian observers to describe unusual jet aircraft contrails. To their credit, theOxford dictionary provides an accurate description of chemtrails even if they failed to list the US DoD as the original published source.
Oxford Dictionary Defines “Chemtrail”
chemtrail – Syllabification: (chem·trail) – Pronunciation: /ˈkemˌtrāl/
Definition of chemtrail noun
” a visible trail left in the sky by an aircraft and believed by some to consist of chemical or biological agents released as part of a covert operation. 
Origin: 1990s: blend of chemical and trail, on the pattern of contrail (Source)
In etymological terms, the origin of a word is very important. Regardless the intended definition, history clearly shows the term “Chemtrails” originated at the US Department of Defense as the title for a Chemistry manual used at the Air Force Academy cadet training program in the early 1990′s. Two editions of the “Chemtrails” manual are known to exist – A 200 page version for the 1990 Fall class and a 232 page version for the 1991 class. The course title “chemtrails” was so popular as to be adopted by the DoD for at least two academic years (1990-1991).
About the Chemtrails Manual Cover
  • The Air Force Academy Chemtrails manual cover shows a flame from a Bunsen burner that appears to be producing two “trails”.
  • The title of the manual “Chemtrails” is printed between the two “trails”.
  • Considering the intentional graphic depicting “trails” it’s possible the Bunsen burner represents a jet engine producing “chemically” induced, persistent contrails.
  • Bunsen burner is a common piece of laboratory equipment that produces a single open gas flame which is used for heating, sterilization, and combustion.
  • A test tube filled with a liquid is emptying contents into a flask.
  • The remaining graphic appears to be a chemical representation for “methane” (CH4). Since Natural gas contains mostly “methane” it’s possible this symbol alludes to the fuel providing the flame to the Bunsen burner. (Natural Gas)
Bunsen Burner Detail.and Methane graphic
Method: An inter-library loan from the Alachua County main library yielded a microfilm copy of the 1990 Chemistry 131 Manual used in training by the US Air force Academy. The lending institution was the William T. Young Library at the University of Kentucky as shown in the label below.
The microfilm was in acceptable condition, however the 1990 Chemtrails manual was scanned in 1992 under less than optimum conditions from a used hard copy in less than good condition.
The Alachua County Library equipment was used to scan each of the 200 pages to digital *.TIF files. Photoshop was used to optimize each image to the smallest file size that would permit adequate resolution for on-line viewing. Each image was imported to a Microsoft Word page where the complete manual was saved to a 30 MBPDF file. (Portable Document File).
NOTE: A second edition of Chemtrails (232 pages) was published for the Fall 1991 class of Air Force cadets.
USAF Chemtrails Manual Receipt

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7 Responses to “Air Force chemtrails manual extracts”

  1. wasp says:

    Hi Tap, I have scanned the Pdf, & it appears it is just a Basic INORGANIC Chemistry Course, With a Few bits on Statistical & Iterative Processes, relating To Grapical Representations.

    There is then a simlpe coverage of Some Physical Chemistry relating to Emission Spectroscopy, Kinetics, Thermodynamics, Electrochemistry, & Phototgraphic Theory, mentioning,Simple Atomic Theory, & a bit on OrganicChemistry. Acid Rain is covered but there isn’t anything we don’t know about that, is there?

    There is also a mention of Natural Resources, relating to so called Fossil & others types of Fuel.

    There is nothing in this Pdf that you couldn’t find in the relevant Chemistry Books.

    It possibly Forms The Grounding for other Stuff related to The Main CHEMTRAIL LECTURES.




  2. Anonymous says:

    I suspect that the power companies are heavily involved in the chemtrail programme, at the end of the day its all just one big corporation, all tied together.

  3. Tapestry says:

    At least the word was in use all that time ago. It is incredible that it’s going on above our heads day by day yet so few people even realise. many half realise but don’t want to fully realise.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Sunday 31st March started as a really clear morning over South Yorkshire.
    About 7am the Chemtrailing started, I counted about 40 trails during the day, until the sky was fully covered with the Matrix pattern.
    Today Monday morning, really cold with patches of fine snow, and full cloud cover.
    Through observation, the chemicals must be in the fuel, they have nano sized the aluminium to flow through with the fuel, as all the planes are not military.
    Have noticed some very strange flight paths on Planefinder.
    Because of the temperature Bees are not able to fly from the hives, our food supply is well under threat.
    Agenda 21 is being implemented.

  5. wasp says:

    Hi Tap, there are a lot of sites running this pdf as an important discovery, take my word for it it isn’t, as I stated. If you want to run something on CHEMTRAILS, here is a link for you. It covers a wide aspect of Geo-Engineering, so you might find something you like.

    Look up and See the Pollution Raining Down on You!

    Chemtrails – Fact, or Fiction

    Govt. Website Confirms CHEMTRAILS!! TROPOSPHERIC AEROSOL PROGRAM Much of the science that had been planned for the Tropospheric Aerosol Program (TAP) will in the future be conducted under the Department of Energy’s Atmospheric Science Program, which, beginning in Fiscal Year 2005, will focus on radiative forcing of climate change by atmospheric aerosols. Interested readers are referred to the ASP web site and to the documents accessible from that page. ARM – ASP – Aerosol IOP, May, 2003.

    I will Have more to Post on GORE’S PIGGY BANK!
    The AGW Scam,& other Rip Offs, in due course.


  6. tony roma says:

    very funny hearing people call bbc radio shows and the others in london.
    they deny that weather modification exists and in fact are now saying different countries will be going cold because of global warming..
    what happened to olives growing in the uk?

    this is a corporate position based on lies.
    call them mention geo engineering.
    mention the china olympics where they used cloud seeding to flush the crap out of the atmos.
    mention moscow putting out a tender 4 million dollars to guarantee sunny days on bank holidays.
    this spraying must be costing billions.

    new nuke contracts for the bankrupt edf areva company.
    when you control banking,trillion dollar libor,drugs
    ge engineering just another part of the day job of psychotic satanic child rapists.

  7. I agree with WASP. Although I am well assured that there is plenty of evidence to indicate that chemtrails are a part of a planned geoengineering programme being used by TPTB against us, this ‘manual’ contains nothing but basic chemistry and does not constitute evidence to prove/disprove said programme’s existence. This is misinformation and reflects poorly on TAP.
    For more serious research, have a look at

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