Has the Vatican been taken over by the devil?

Occasionally I flip over to Project Camelot, which many believe to be a hoax channel.  I am not so sure about that.  There might be elements of truth mixed in with the less sensible-sounding material.  It seems as if something big might be being planned.  Has, for example, some trade taken place with some off planet ‘friendlies’ who desire a piece of the earth to live on?  
In turn are elite humans teraforming new planets for the elites to escape to while the masses are sent to oblivion?
This kind of stuff seems very strange, doesn’t it – yet it’s appearing in places like rense.com as factual.
Even here on The Tap Blog, we have one contributor who fears that a Carrington effect attack from solar radiation is being prepared to destroy the world’s ability to organise and feed the human population.  He’s ex-MI5 and knows a thing or two about secret programmes.  Gordon Logan.
For what it’s worth, here’s the kind of thing that’s emanating from Project Camelot in the last few days.   I find much material simply too fanciful to be credible.  Yet there is good stuff here too.  As usual you have to filter.

Is this a channel set up to hoodwink and terrorise people?  Or are there things going on around in space that will have a huge impact on our futures?  What do you think?

There is also good material on Pope Francis’ role in Argentina’s dirty war, in which he was implicated in murder and torture of his opponents.  You wonder if the Vatican has been taken over by the Devil.

This roundtable discussion will cover the reign of the new Pope, the Jesuit connection and what looks like preparation for several events of worldwide planetary significance including a possible targeted meteor strike on Mars and ET disclosure by those in power…
This discussion will be a precursor for the Awake & Aware 2013 Conference where Richard C. Hoagland and many other top draw speakers will be presenting evidence and information surrounding Time Travel and Other Worlds… as well as other subjects covering the world financial situation, ET visitation, underground bases and more….
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They are DEFINITELY “preparing” for “something”; note Bolden’s sharp CRITICISM of Congress re “lack of funding for ANY KIND of serious prep re asteroid threats” ….
And, the Pope’s recurring theme (on the SAME day …) in his “Installation homily”–
From my blog of March 20th:
  1. Corbett Report – Pope Francis Poor Human Rights Record
Wednesday, 20 March 2013 23:28
Written by Kerry Cassidy
The Corbett Report –  Michel Chussudovsky on Pope Francis… his prior life as the highest ranking Jesuit in Argentina.  
Global Research, March 16, 2013
Global Research (updated March 16, and March 19, 2013) 14 March 2013
Is this just another ‘good Nazi’ who has paid his dues oppressing the populace in Argentina and now being rewarded with a reign as Pope?
It is widely known that there is a very large contingent of Nazi’s from Project Paperclip and the ‘fall’ of Germany that settled in Argentina.  And there is a great deal of testimony about a large underground base in Argentina as well.
The recent Mike Harris show with Gordon Duff as guest spilling the beans on a supposed “deal” with an off-planet race of humanoids that are said to come from Alpha Centauri and are headed here (nearly a billion I am told by a separate source)…  Go to the Rense archives for today’s radio show hosted by Mike Harris.  Must listen.  While I haven’t heard it yet, I have heard things about what info it contains such as:
These visitors apparently look remarkably like the ideal Nazi.. big. light haired (some say even albino in coloring) muscular and so on… The story goes, they are in need of a large amount of real estate to settle their people on, having lost a war with some unfriendlies on not just one of their planets but two!
This is the tale that a contingent of MJ12/psion or whatever name they go by now-adays is spinning.  What they are saying is that the secret government has made a deal to bring this group here in exchange for technology (big surprise) and another planet (or planets) where the human race is said to be given rights to terraform and move their own to in the event our Earth cannot sustain us… or them.
They are planning to give them, pause for effect, Africa!  A whole continent. And governments worldwide know this and have agreed.  I don’t think that will go over well with the current inhabitants.  Yes I know it sounds just like the movie District 9 and The Event.
In fact, I ran this by one of my whistleblowers and he agreed this has been in the works for some time.  Only, these supposed humanoid beings aren’t really humanoid…  They are of course reptilian and even a form of ‘praying mantis’ parading as human so as not to upset the locals.
And I am being told the ghost cities in Angola being built by the Chinese are supposed to be built to house their “caretakers” — that is, the Earth humans who will mind the place.
While, I am at it this same Duff-MJ12 contingent is claiming the recent asteroid over Russia was a craft full of yet another group of 12-14 inch beings with an extra apendage… in addition to 2 arms and 2 legs… And they are supposedly not ‘friendlies”….
Are they simply trotting this out to amaze and confuse?  Are their elements of truth mixed with disinfo?… Yes probably.  My whistleblower apparently communicated this scenario 3 years ago to a certain person (not me).  ie. From what I have heard, diabolical plans for the African continent by the secret government have long been hinted at but no scenario such as the one mentioned on the Mike Harris show on Rense with Gordon Duff was forthcoming…
Given scenarios such as these, it’s no wonder they needed a younger Naz/Jesuiti in the office of Pope.  
Some think this Pope is planning to bring the worlds together and that he is working for the good of humanity.  Time will tell.
We are planning an upcoming Live video Roundtable to discuss all of the above with Richard C. Hoagland and others to be announced soon.  Depending on the state of our streaming capability… 


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3 Responses to “Has the Vatican been taken over by the devil?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    You mean project scamelot as it is sometimes referred to around the internet?

    Half truths are also known as disinformation. They are just one more cog in the wheel of layered lies.

    Whether those two knowingly or willingly contribute to this or not is debated often.

    I highly doubt they are legit.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What they may be preparing humanity for is a re-connection between the spirit realm and earth.
    The spirit realm can be accessed using drugs – especially auhawasca (can’t spell it) but doing so can be dangerous.
    This is what Crowley wax doing and what Jack Parsons (i think) did in 1950’s.
    ET’s are ED’s – extra-dimensional entities. Most UFO researchers seem to agree on this, nowadays.
    See BUFON and ALIEN RESISTANCE. I’ll send in something on this very shortly…


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