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Hey Jude…

I am pretty sure The Beatles must have been forced to write about certain things. “JUDE” is the name inscribed on the yellow star armband worn by Jews during WW2 to identify them. The 6 pointed yellow star of David. The symbol of Wales is the daffodil, which is also the 6 petalled yellow star of David. David is the patron saint, or star, of Wales. The whole daffodil thing is really heavily pushed by the media, as if Welsh people are now the new version of the Jews, going around with a yellow star to identify themselves. Surely this is subliminally reminding people of the war? 

Quaker drain cover…
I walked over a drain cover near my house that I have walked over many times before. Surely it didn’t say “QUAKER” on it, did it? Quakers making drain covers, whatever next. The drain cover read “AQUAKERB” all one word, no spaces, as if to deliberately form a new word. It’s as if they just chose the first two letters of the alphabet to sit either side to disguise the word A.QUAKER.B. The drain cover is positioned on the entrance to what I call “The Field of Fires”. Why do the Quakers name themselves so? Quaker reminds me of Earthquake. (Seehttp://suliwrites.wordpress.com/2012/12/19/the-field-of-fires/)

George bank note…
I saw an old £1 bank note in the map shop this week. It had George and the dragon pictured on the left, and King George V on the right. At the bottom, the King’s name was written as GEO V. Now there is a lot of GEO terminology around at the moment, including Geoengineering, and people using the word GEO to refer to the Earth, the globe. It seems to me there is some cross referencing going on, linking to all things Georgian. (Seehttp://suliwrites.wordpress.com/2013/04/03/the-georgian-empire/)

VI Kings…
The Vikings are also VI Kings. Six kings. That fits neatly with the Georges. There have been six of them. 6 and 66 are numbers that are being rolled out a lot at the moment. Even blind people are now known as VI, visually impaired. And the word VISION is 6 SION. We read about going into the New Sixth. Where are these numbers coming from? Does each George reign symbolically represent a different stage of the World? 

The Twin tunnels again…
There will be an “inaugural” (everything is inaugural these days) family bike ride through the tunnels. Tunnels are so much fun, especially for kids and families.  The route through the tunnels and back to Bath along the canal is exactly 13 miles and they want to use this for the Bath Half Marathon. I am trying to imagine 15 000 runners running through a 1.2 mile long tunnel with very little air. The marathon often has several casualties and this is not going to improve things. 

Academic pathway…
Not just hospitals that have pathways. Schools have them too. You can be on the academic pathway or the enterprise pathway. I wonder where they lead to? Those on the academic pathway are discouraged from doing work experience. Why do they not want them doing work experience, and kept in school? Are they in danger of learning something useful, something that might divert them from their academic path? 

Dedication of churches…
I have noticed they are dedicated to saints or the Holy Trinity. Why are they never dedicated to God or Jesus? 

Chemtrails weather…
So many people are seriously considering selling up and moving abroad. Farmers are growing more and more indoors, which means more cost, and more difficulty for the small guys to keep up. It may also mean different types of seed are required. Sports too are increasingly setting up indoor versions as all the outdoor fixtures get called off. Indoor cricket is already a reality. Indoor sports cost more and can be controlled more. No more just setting up some fun play on the grass. 

Free admission…
…and Free Samples. It’s like a mousetrap, isn’t it? A mousetrap offers free admission and free samples of cheese. 

Place and time…
We are used to knowing that there are lots of different places all coexisting at the same time. What about lots of different times coexisting at the same place? 

Spare R1b…
Eve was made from Adams spare rib. The R1b is a genetic marker which seems to correspond exactly with the Basque people. The Basques are interesting as they have the highest density of Rh negative blood of any group of people, and one of the highest O blood densities in the world. O- is the universal blood, and the Nazi prize blood, and Royal blood. (Seehttp://suliwrites.wordpress.com/2012/02/26/blood-eugenics/)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Julia, the Welsh people know all about persecution, mainly at the hands of England’s foreign royalty, over many centuries and within their own lands.

    Its still happening today, with the complete cover up of the fact that King Arthur was a Welshman. The Welsh language is ancient, and has recently been connected to scrolls written in a Hebreic dialect.

    The evidence is looking very much like the Welsh are the lost tribe of the New Jerusalem, and of course those who pertian to be Jews but arent, have covertly waged a war of attrition and ancient genocide against the genuine article.

    The khazar imposters are not semite people but of asiatic descent.

  2. Chris J says:

    Do you mean the Gomerites/sons of Jaseph and the Gomeraeg etc Anonymous?

    I would say that the daffodil has been a Welsh emblem going back way further than the second world war though so not quite convinced by that angle..

    Incidentally, to any English citizen reading this (and Scottish), Brythoneg/early Welsh is your indigenous native language too and part of your heritage, not just Welsh citizens. It is the original native language that is indigenous to the whole of Britain.Is this taught anywhere in British history???

  3. Anonymous says:

    Fully agree on MMR propaganda, when it comes to Churches we already know most are fallen. You can’t blma e God or Jesus for thousands of of denominations against the NT, You don’t have to go to fallen Church to be saved read the Bible and have faith in Jesus alone. Figue why the NWO hates christianity and promotes everything else as an alternative. they promote humanism, homosexulaity, pagan beliefs, David Ikes new age luciferian theosophy, atheism, evoltionism etc, anything from which Jesus came to save us from.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This blog is doom and gloom only no hope no solution nothing
    Most of it could be true but what is the answer?
    Everything in Creation, on earth and across the universe, is perfect – apart from the hearts and souls of mankind. Why?
    Don’t make sense.
    All explained in the Holy Bible.
    Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the life

  5. Anonymous says:

    Is this site part of the problem trying to make people think theres no hope censoring the Truth?

  6. Tapestry says:

    I would be in doom and gloom if I never found out the agenda of the powerful to crush humanity, until after it had happened. There is hope in knowledge, and there is much we can do.

  7. Julia says:

    Interesting comments about Wales. I can find only one other country with a dragon flag and that’s Bhutan. National flags are generally very boring. It’s good to see that Wales is hanging onto its original language.
    The Welsh are known for their singing, and even their speaking is very song like. Songs and singing and songlines are something we have seriously lost, but which I am increasingly seeing as essential for harmonious human existence.
    Maybe the daffodil symbol was first, and the WW2 JUDE yellow star was copied from the daffodil?

  8. Julia says:

    Anonymous, I wrote some more things about Wales in my last Ramble, including there being a place called Bethlehem.

    I think there is also a Glastonbury (or almost the same name) somewhere near Hay on Wye. I found an Arzareth on an old map (around 1600), but that was near Glastonbury, Somerset. That’s something to do with the lost tribes. Perhaps they went from Glastonbury area up to Wales.

  9. Chris Jones says:

    Yes your right-it’s called Glasbury,around 4 or so miles from Hay on Wye. There are quite a number of biblical place names in Wales: Bethlehem,Bethesda,Horeb etc. Still not convinced with the flower thing though:0

    Thanks for the link to your site by the way

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