what’s causing the surge in ‘diseases of civilization’?

Tap here’s the vaccine autism answer from Woody Monte
The methanol in aspartame does its damage by converting into formaldehyde within vulnerable cells in the body….in particular the vermis of the cerebellum of the developing infant brain.  When protein in the child’s brain is attacked by this formaldehyde it can change in such a way as to signal to activated white blood cells (macrophages) in the child’s blood that the protein has been damaged in such a way as warrant being destroyed by these important blood cells.  

Vaccination is known to increase greatly the number and activity of these macrophages in a child’s blood thus increasing greatly the chances of them attacking the tissue of the child’s brain within a day or so after vaccination.

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And your message I’ve been put on the stoneage diet – nothing that wasn’t around in the stone age can be eaten or drunk. 
This is definitely the safest way to go – my own statement for years has been “They are trying to kill you slowly and screw you for the health dollar on the way through!”


Hi Tap,
I’m Ngaire from Invercargill New Zealand – I’m Woody Monte’s webmaster.
From your article
“Perhaps the longest on-going study on the deleterious effects of aspartame consumption has been that of Woodrow Monte, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Food Science and Nutrition at Arizona State University.”
I read your blog almost daily. You have recently had an article about autism and may not know the relationship between autism and aspartame.
Woody’s research shows the dramatic growth in autism after the introduction of aspartame into soft drinks.
He has graphs showing relationships with consumption of aspartame to rapidly growing rates of:
Neural tube defects
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Multiple Sclerosis
Teen Suicide
Breast Cancer A
Breast Cancer B
And others, most graphs are on his other website
One of Woody’s particular interest is  Multiple sclerosis as all symptoms are identical with methanol poisioning.
Aspartame has a high content of methanol.
My unscientific take on one of his statements –  about “most diseases of civilization” occur at  the sites in the body at particular receptors that “dance with the devil” – methanol – but their first choice is “ethanol” (ordinary alcohol) There methanol converts to formaldehyde often.
For this reason Woody puts one shot of vodka in 2 litres of drinking water and consumes during the day. This keeps the receptors busy.
But drinking more alcohol than that makes the body metabolise ethanol  faster and can then leave the receptors free to again “dance with the devil”
The science gets a little more complicated than that as some people are fast metabolizers and some slow naturally.
The big worry is children not being a one alcohol drink a day age so therefore no protection against this scourge in the food supply.
“Something very wrong is going on, something that is killing good people and causing untold suffering to families and communities around the world. Never has
such a high percentage of us been afflicted with so many tragic and wasting illnesses. In the past thirty years, a group of diseases has reached epidemic
proportions in the United States and many other countries. These afflictions, often collectively referred to as diseases of civilization (DOC), include multiple
sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, breast cancer, lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, melanoma, and autism, a once rare birth defect. Because the incidence
of these diseases has increased gradually over three decades, we are inclined to accept this as a natural, if unfortunate, part of modern life. But such a lethal trend
is not natural; the changes that we have witnessed over the last generation are unprecedented in the history of medical science.”
A few worrying things again in my unscientific language:
Aspartame is apparently in over 6000 products in New Zealand.
There is a law change up for consideration in NZ about shops/bartenders etc being able to give out “diet” versions of drinks in the first instance unless a customer specifically asks for the non diet drink.
There is a proposal in the USA of slipping aspartame into dairy products, milk drinks, yoghurts without being labeled with 951 etc
A big suspicion of the way figures are being manipulated now with abortions, the defect part used to be tallied with the live birth defects.
Last year when aspartame was being investigated again by the EPA in the UK – Woody sent a letter which we published on his website http://www.whilesciencesleeps.com/open-letter-to-hugues-kenigswald/
There is so much info on the website I urge you to visit. www.whilesciencesleeps.com
He has chapter 12 of his book for free download and urges anyone intending to become pregnant or is already pregnant, to read it.
We have a series of videos on www.youtube.com/whilesciencesleeps   these were filmed in Invercargill by my husband and myself at two locations.
The first series is Multiple sclerosis.
The other series – myself and a friend urged Woody to give a talk about the other diseases to the general public as he had so much damning info.
This particular one is a must see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZVi3M_OiCo About birth defects/aspartame
I have put so many different thoughts into this email hopefully to urge you to do other articles.  Your’e a better writer than me.

Ngaire Sands

TAP – 

Thanks for writing.
I’m only the editor, Ngaire.  
The readers write the blog, for the most part.  

Does Woody see vaccination as another cause of many diseases of civilization?

I’ve been put on the stoneage diet – nothing that wasn’t around in the stone age can be eaten or drunk.  If I stick to it, my health improves.  I guess I’m dodging all the deliberately sown poisons in the modern diet.  Agenda 21 demands the thinning of the human population, and secretly poisoning everyone is obviously the best way to do that.
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  1. Julia says:

    A couple of thoughts….
    People used to drink ale, a very mildly alcoholic version of water. I suspect this was a way of water being safe.

    The way to avoid being poisoned is to avoid PRODUCTS as much as possible. Get your own base ingredients from a trusted sourceand make your own food and drink recipes.

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