Vicky Haigh – Family Courts are tax-payer funded child traffickers

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I hope all of the recent media coverage of the children’s homes scandals has made my previous blog clear. When I stated after being released from prison that paedophilia is state run, where my suspicions were clarified in prison, by witnessing the huge number of children brought up in care that have been sexually abused, and prison is where most of them end up, proves that I am right. There are nowhere these people can go to tell of what happened to them as the police, paid by us, the taxpayer to protect society, including children in care, are part of the problem. Look how they helped Jimmy Savile. 

The Jimmy Savile saga has at least opened people’s eyes but I wanted to share the article that I have sent to you. Children are disappearing off the face of the earth from the care system and councils are failing to report them missing to the police. This is child trafficking, actually funded by the unsuspecting tax payer. It just goes to show that my theory that no child in the UK is safe, is actually too true! 

The high ranking paedophiles in this country have created their own niche market and as the family courts are secret, no one knows what is happening in them.

It is an embarrassing and disgusting state of affairs for the UK.

Vicky Haigh

Julia writes –

the pedophile and homosexual agendas.  deliberate confusing of issues.

Subject: BBC News – Ofsted: Missing children data ‘worrying’

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Wish13 has left a new comment on your post “Paedophilia – the pastime of the powerful“: 

To anonymous above – Paedophilia has absolutely nothing to do with having to combat homosexual behaviour.

If this is what you believe, then you really need to read more – educate yourself, and realise what is really going on. I am heterosexual, with two daughters. I have a very close friend of about 20 years younger who is homosexual.

He had a very tough upbringing because of this (being thrown out of home at 14 for one thing) and he looks to me as almost a surrogate father because I guided and helped him when he asked. I work with a couple of guys who are gay and they are also nice/good people. To them it is a not a ‘choice’, it is who and what they are – no choice needed.

Paedophilia is a means to an end for the Satanists. It’s a means of control for the handlers of many politicians, celebrities and others in the establishment and positions of power. In fact I can honestly say, that unless you are as corruptible as these people, it is VERY hard to get into these power positions. 

I for one am not trying to ‘cure’ homosexuality – when that’s not even the issue. I am trying to wake people up to how the rulers, behind the rulers work.

I apologise for the rant, but one thing we need to be clear about is that this child abusing culture of the elites (and their minions) IS NOT homosexuality gone wrong or ‘gays gone bad’. It is far more insidious – far more evil in its intent and ultimate purpose. Please wake up. 

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  1. Would this be the same Vicky Haigh who a court previously ruled had made up claims about the ex-husband abusing her children?

    Somehow, I’m not convinced that you’re a person who is particularly concerned about the welfare of children…

    • Vicky Haigh says:

      My name is Vicky Haigh and when I, against all the odds, unveil the truth in my case, which I have been trying to do for over three years now, you should, if you have a reasonable level of intelligence see how the state child protection system works, or rather “doesn’t” work in this country.
      I hope that you have noticed the abundance of child abuse cover ups recently and I am surprised that someone who calls himself the “Grim Reaper”, cannot see the darker side of this subject! I have met and counsel many, many mothers in my position where their
      children were taken and handed to the paedophile. This is how secret family courts
      operate. Please keep abreast of Christopher Bookers articles as his reporting is spot on.
      Vicky Haigh

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s no surprise that this article ( turned up on the BBC.

    The state-run media outlet called the ‘BBC’ have published this on their website yet are clearly complicit in scandals like this. The Jimmy Savile scandal being the catalyst for the mass-awakening of the BBC’s/governments involvement in this sickening matter of pedophilia.

    Damage limitation comes to mind. Something that the PR companies (the BBC/government hire) specialize in and all payed for by tax-payers. Talk about paying for your own enslavement.

  3. Tapestry says:

    Many readers have followed the case of Vicky Haigh’s daughter being taken from her by the Court and given to the father, with her ending up in jail.

    It is a standard tactic of the courts taking children from mothers to accuse them of this and that. If you believe the allegations made against Vicky Haigh, that is your prerogative. But please allow those who doubt them to express an opinion too occasionally.

    If as she suggests, the Family Court is being used to procure children for paedophiles, then we are concerned to highlight such suggestions at a time when child abuse is at last appearing from behind the shadows where the rich and powerful seem to want to keep it.

    Even the Prime Minister rushes to the defence of the paedophiles calling attempts at their exposure, ‘a homophobic witchhunt’. All the excuses are wearing a bit thin. The Pope’s resigned amidst the whiff of scandal. The Queen’s hiding in hospital. Child abuse is starting to prove a more expensive pastime for its elitist practitioners.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Best thing to do now is home school your children.

    The state/education system is totally corrupt with stupidity and manipulation. Common Purpose has helped destroy the education that our kids deserve. My mum/aunty/sister have all worked in the education system for (in an accumulative sense) decades upon decades.

    Point is, you can spot was is going wrong. The state/education system is slowly but surely becoming ‘Mother-Communist-Socialist-Russia’ again i.e the child becomes part of the state rather than the family.

    And if we let it, history will repeat.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, When Vicky was arrested for opening a car door to talk to her Daughter, the court should have released her.
    When She was in court it would have been like ‘spot the Freemason’.
    The Solicitors, Barristers and Judges would have all been ‘on the level’.
    There is no proper Justice in this Country where there is Freemason Law.

  6. Julia says:

    I agree that homosexuality is a deliberate diversion from the paedophilia. See

  7. teresa bowen says:

    Thank you for providing this information! We know that many tragedies happening in our environment so we must pay attention to our children so they do not get involved in missing children who have experienced abuse.

    missing child

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