USA. Prepare for confiscation Cyprus-style.

Hi Tap, as you know Gordon has been doing a bit of ROOTING AROUND, & came up with this Very Interesting Information, & I have added More Stuff  relating to it. They are Acting Out Their  Trilogy And We Are Ultimately, Unwittingly Going To Be Part Of It.

When President Barack Obama visits Israel next month, he’ll be awarded the Presidential Medal of Distinction, Israeli President Shimon Peres’ office announced Monday.

Obama, the first sitting U.S. president to receive the recognition, will be awarded the medal for making “a unique and significant contribution to strengthening the State of Israel and the security of its citizens,” according to a release announcing the news…………

Obama is scheduled to arrive in Israel around 12:00 Noon on March 20th. That’s withinminutes of the Vernal Equinox (13:02 Israel time that day, or 11:02 GMT) — a significant PAGAN/OCCULT/ HOLIDAY the origins of which trace back to Babylon. The Druids were one of many cultures known to have celebrated the Vernal Equinox (literally ‘equal night’). The Druids also made human sacrifices

This is the first time since the establishment of the modern state of Israel that the Jewish calendar has skewed this early relative to the Gregorian. The last time was 1899. The next time will be 2089

 I haven’t had time to check it out, but a Jewish friend told me, several weeks ago, and entirely unrelated to this story, that the Jewish calendar is never earlier.

In other words, 2013 is the first year in the lifetimes of all but a tiny handful of extreme-elderly people alive today that these two days coincide so closely — one dark and pagan, the other full of light and life… glorious beyond measure. The next time it will take place is seventy-six years from now, when most alive today will be dead.

Obama will return to Jerusalem by noon [on March 21 — Nisan 10], when he will be taken by Netanyahu to examine a model of Second Temple Period Jerusalem. They will continue to the Shrine of the Book, where Netanyahu will show him the Dead Sea Scrolls. The American President will continue to see an exhibition in the Israel Museum, which will show Israel’s latest developments in high-tech, bio-tech, nanotechnology and agriculture.

At this point, I would strongly urge readers to pause and take time review this scripturally-based chronology tracing Jesus’ comings-and-goings during the days leading up to his crucifixion on Nisan 14 (Pesach) and resurrection, three days later………..
At this point I would add that it is significant, that we have just seen the resignation of the last White Pope ,who has been replaced by a Black Pope, this means The Jesuits have taken Total Control of The Vatican, there has in other word s been a coalescence of the Black & The White Squares of Freemasonry, to Grey, which would also apply to Obama, who are Controlled by The Count, & as this chap points out 

 It is strange that Pope Benedict XVI, should resign suddenly just six days after Obama announced his trip to Israel. So the Pope’s exit process is framed by Obama’s trip. In such a context, Revelation 13 seems of increasing interest, i.e., regarding the co-temporal interplay between the two beasts (antichrist world systems stretching across time, the powers of which are concentrated in certain men). (Recall the material Mark Fairley puts forward regarding the Satanic interplay of light and darkness.) 

Does Obama’s trip, I’ve been looking with new eyes at Jesus’ words to his disciples in Matthew 24:20 regarding the start of the unprecedented Great Tribulation, a.k.a., Time of Jacob’s Trouble

 According to Kremlin sources, though, President Obama’s sudden visit to Israel this week, the first he has made since being elected in 2008, was to personally warn top Israelis of his regimes “plan” to begin confiscating his citizen’s bank deposits too.

Interesting to note is that the Obama regimes “master plan” to steal their citizen’s wealth that is no longer protected was detailed by the global management consulting giant, and the world’s leading advisor on business strategy, The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) who in their 2011 September report titled Collateral Damage: Back to Mesopotamia? The Threat of Debt Restructuring warned of the US governments plan confiscate up to 30% of not just the Americans people bank accounts, but also of their other wealth.

The highly respected Zero Hedge financial newsletter in commenting on this dire BCG report grimly stated:  ……………….

Don’t think that all this is a Coincidence, because it isn’t, The Jesuits Plan Everything, right down to The Last Detail. I trust many more are now seeing what is behind The Smoke & Mirrors: As They Say,  “WATCH THIS SPACE.”


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  1. Anonymous says:

    The words of Christ Jesus:

    “And what I say unto you I say unto all, Watch”

    Mark 13;37 A.V

  2. Anonymous says:

    Religion is a control mechanism

    Time to wake up.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Religion doesn’t control anything. People do.

  4. Anonymous says:

    And the people that control religion ultimately control religion.

    Think: pyramid structure. Religion is way down the list of the banksters at the top. Religion, just like Tell-Lie-Vision, Politics, Food supply, Wars, etcetera, is just another control mechanism.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, When Jerusalem is builded in Englands green and pleasant land, that may be the time of peace in Israel.
    Jesus is due back any time now, nobody knows the day or the hour.
    The Olympic Stadium would be the Ideal place for the new Temple, the triangles are already in place.
    Jesus was ‘a master of his craft’, he was a Mason, not as we were told a carpenter.
    We will be waiting to welcome him.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Did Pope Francis really say that socialism causes misery?



    BERGOGLIO: Please feel free to broadcast this; I don’t want to be pope. Friend, you are a socialist and your friends are socialists. And you are the reason for 70 years of misery in Russia and Europe now is seizing in pain from your policies. You believe in the redistribution of wealth and it makes entire populations poor. You want to nationalize everything and bring every human endeavor under your control. You destroy a man’s incentive to take care of his very own family, a crime against nature and nature’s God. You want social control over populations and incrementally you are making everything against the law. Together this ideology creates more poverty today than all the corporations you vilify have in the history of man.


    REPORTER: So the game is over. Checkmate?

    BERGOGLIO: Friend, I’ve been studying America this month, before the Pope chose to resign. You must not have fear at speaking the truth. It is for the salvation of souls and the recovery of Thomas Jefferson’s people. America must not fall to the new painted communism. Even the low information voters don’t want America to be sold into slavery. I pray they cast out the money changers in their government! What manner of government is there that condones sin? Abomination upon abomination–giving monies for the murder of children, giving monies for the murder of the elderly! You are an American. Your government, My child, has been infiltrated by men of sin.

    REPORTER: These are pretty radical ideas.

    BERGOGLIO: No. Perhaps reactionary. Radical means something different. But a very long time ago, Khrushchev warned, that we cannot expect Americans to fly from capitalism to communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving Americans small injections of socialism until they suddenly awake to find out they have Communism. This is what is happening now in an ancient bastion of freedom. How can America save Latin America when they are slaves to the government themselves?

    REPORTER: I’m having a hard time digesting most of this.

    BERGOGLIO: The truth can be painful. You look angry; do you want to stop or ask a question? … But you have created a new type of state, the so-called ‘welfare state.’ This has happened in order to respond to the needs of the politically created poor. However, intervening directly is depriving the original society of its responsibility. Families escape responsibility in the welfare state. And churches even escape responsibility. People stop giving to charity and see every poor person as the government’s problem. I am a Catholic priest and there are no poor for me to take care of, they are made permanently poor and the property of the politicians.

    REPORTER: I’m not sure this interview is going to work.

    BERGOGLIO: You asked and now you will listen, my son. The social assistance state leads to a loss of human energies and an inordinate increase of public agencies, which are dominated more by bureaucratic thinking than by real concern for helping people. Needs are best understood and satisfied by people who are closest to them who act as neighbors and parish members to those in need. It should be added that certain kinds of demands often call for a response which is not simply material but which is capable of perceiving the deeper human need. This is not to mention the welfare state’s excesses and abuses.

    REPORTER: I think we are done.


  7. A carpenters rule is a normal

    Normal Law means sui juris

    Which is why Christ taught the Kingdom is within you, whose seeking a saviour figure outside of themselves will be misled

  8. Anonymous says:

    Israel is a ‘state’.

    The original country was Palestine.

    Billions of dollars in ‘foreign aid’ are given from the military industrial complex called ‘The USA’ in order to maintain Israel’s propaganda and lies:

    We are all sick off being part of the Zionist wars created to fulfill their evil ends.

    The next country to be attacked by the Zionist/USA scum… Iran:

  9. wasp says:

    Hi Tap as you say many are aware of Their Game Plan, but The Control is exercised by The Brain Dead & Self Seeking Parasites who are The Major Players. Noah knew of the impending danger that was going to happen, but who heeded his words. The Mass of the Population, have never even heard, of The Illuminati, let alone know what they are about. I will send you more related Stuff Shortly. Just a qick comment on this, I noticed from annon, I would also Draw Your Attention To IRAN Comment.

    At the Bretton Woods conference in 1944, control of the post war financial system was given to England, France and the United States for a 50-year period in exchange for promises to develop the planet.

    These promises were broken when a subtle cultist coup d’etat began with the assassination of President Roosevelt….

    Instead of global development, the religious cultists started the cold war.
    A group of 77 nations, known as the non-aligned group, disagreed with these plans and signed an international agreement known as the Hilton Green memorial that placed their gold and assets (equivalent to 85% of the world’s known supply) under the signatory power of President Soekarno of Indonesia.

    Their aim was to stage an end-times war between “Gog and Magog” that would result in the death of 90% of humanity and leave the remaining 10% of humanity as slaves of the cultists.
    According to this plan (as reported by Israeli newspapers among others) the new Gog would be the G5 Nations (England, France, Germany, Italy and the United States) while the Magog would be Russia, China and Iran. The immediate trigger to this new Armageddon was to be a limited nuclear war between Israel and Iran (this is what is behind all those hysterical headlines about the “Iranian nuclear threat.”)……..

    Religion doesn’t control anything. People do. — Using “RELIGIONS” as Control Mechanisms.

    This includes Pseudo Cult Religions,Like Climate Change. These Cultists are Clutching at Straws to keep it going, There is a Wealth of Information disputing one of Biggest Rip Offs of all Time, yet it never sees The Light of Day. So the majority of People just go along with what The BRAIN DEAD POLITICIANS TELL THEM. The Best Evidence I have come across to dispute THE AGW Lie was carried out by a Group of Russian Scientists,who Analysed Ice Cores, dating back c.a. 400,000 years, which showed the entrapped CO2, Lagged The Heating Process. They also found that the process was self regulating, & would not cause the catastrophe The Profit of GREEN HYPOCRICY & DOOM, Gore et.alia Predicted.
    Since we are aware that Temperatures do Fluctuate, other Scientists have shown it to be due to FLUCTUATIONS IN THE PROPERTIES OF THE ‘BIG RED THING IN THE SKY’. But the general Tendency if for a Fall in Temperatures, which we are now experiencing.




  10. Anonymous says:


    Been working on research for months correlating etymology with numerology and my findings are outstanding. I’ll ask Tap to kindly pass it along to you and you can make of it what you will.
    Traditional Christianity teaches that the hidden meaning of words and numbers and for that matter “the stars also” are all wrong but I beg to differ as in my opinion and from a scriptural point of view they all extol their glories to the ineffable creator whom we call God.
    I’m well aware of Barack Obama and his cultist mask portraying himself as an angel of light but is of the dark, a man of peace but is for war.
    Like John the baptist I believe he is either “preparing the way” for one to come or he will destroy America, its constitution and its people while setting himself up as head of the UN and world leader of the NWO.
    I’m also very aware of Eostara (the Norse god of fertility) and Lady Day (Lady of Cyprus) Pornstar! and
    For some months I have been perplexed that the Jewish calendar appeared too early this year and concluded it to coincide with Obama’s pagan equinoxal visit to Israel. Thankfully, by studying God’s calendar (the stars) together with the ripening of barley harvest I concluded that the Jews have either done this deliberately or this year has an intercalary month being Adar II and Passover 14th of Abib (Nissan) will not commence for another month being 25th April.
    This doesn’t appear to be the only error for the codename for Obama’s visit to Israel was “Unbreakable Alliance” and interpreted wrongly to mean “Brit Amim” were in fact the word “Brit” (berı̂yth) in Hebrew means “covenant” and “amim” as far as I can work out is blasphemous in that we are told it means “Peoples” but the Hebrew word for people – peoples is “Am.”
    The reason I think this a blasphemous word is that I think it to be a code name for “I am.” There is only one “I am” in scripture and that is God. The word amim to me is reading “am I’m” in other words I am, I am. see and search amim.
    Obama’s visit to Israel was not without fraught. His cadillac named “The beast” broke down and another brought in from Jordan nicknamed “Son of beast” and on departure from Israel to Bethlehem, Palestine his helicopter was grounded due to a sudden sand storm. “Do you not think an angel rides in the whirlwind and directs this storm?” “Bush Inaugural Address”, January 21, 2001.


  11. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Thought I would mention.
    President Assad has had an assasination attempt, and he is in hospital.
    Could this have a bearing on the situation.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Low information voters. Thats a very eloquent way of saying footie zombies.

    I shall be using it forthwith….

  13. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for posting this! I love to see how our daily news is related to end times prophecy. It is absolutely amazing to see it all laid out like this.. A little scary but refreshing if we know where we’re going when Jesus comes!

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