The Queen has no power in The City Of London

Elizabeth Mary II pauses to enter Knights of Malta, City of London [Video]


Notice folks how her carriage stops and pauses whilst she has to touch the pearl-encrusted Sword of State the Lord Mayor places towards her. 
Notice she is in normal dress wear as she has zero powers within the City of London and this goes all the way back to 1215 and the signing of the Magna Carta. 
This removed the Monarchy powers over the Kingdom and the City of London in the blink of an eye as it was a going against the 1213 contract with the Pope and the clause was this very power hand over away from the Monarchy. 
Today its just an illusion given to the populace that the monarch has power and its done in order to veil the real power. 
The power over the City of London is the Knights of Malta using the Ad Providam Papal Bull of 1312 by Pope Boniface VIII. Notice the Lord Mayor is in full regalia showing his power over all including over the Monarchy within New Jerusalem. 
Remember that the Monarchy outside of the City of London was granted their full powers back in 1688 with the English Bill of Rights nullifying all what Oliver Cromwell had done previous.

-=The Unhived Mind – sent in by Cobalt

WASP adds –

Hi Cobalt, Yes You are up to Speed , I have sent in Posts related to this Stuff, THE “PUPPETS” ARE CONTROLLED FROM THE CITY, there is No Doubt About That. You might remember, ‘YES MINISTER’ a Comedy Programme, Many Thought it To Be. But thanks any way.

I sent in a Post about The Three City States, you might not have seen, & The Cty Temples, which is Highly Relavent to The Issue, which drew a lot of Flack from The Trolls. 

My own veiw on this information is that it is Freely Available, but in some cases it does take a bit of Effort to Find it, in some Cases. The Limiting Factor with what I get around to send is my Typing, & Typos, I have to spend too much time concentrating on The Typing, which is why I prefere Cut & Paste, but I Do Prefer A None Purist, Hybrid Typing Style, as you have probably have observed.

I also tend to see to Many Interrelationships Connecting The Information I Locate, so often Shoot off on Tangents, ending up on stuff not totally related, to that which initiated The Search.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Bylaw the bitch isnt who she says she is at all . This is due to the fact that the coronation was a fraud because it was carried out on a fake Stone of Destiny. Everything she s done and said is worthless and pointless and the parasite should be locked up fot treason war vrimes etc.

  2. Anonymous says:

    There’s a rumour going around that the Queen’s gold (around 450 tonnes apparently) was on a Russian Antonov plane a week or so ago. The Antonov plane is the biggest cargo plane in the world and can carry some serious weight (it piggy-backed the Space Shuttle:

    I’ve heard other stories of her shifting her wealth around through the years. One was where it was shifted upto Leeds a few years ago… can’t confirm it though.

    This is what these ‘Elites’ do, however.Shift their wealth around and move from one mansion to mansion, country to country in times of strife and turmoil. Before the Cyprus crash, Russian oligarchs had moved their money out weeks in advance.

    The heavy thieving from the banksters that were to hit savings over £100,000 were thought to affect the ultra-rich. However, the ultra-rich knew in advance and instead people’s life savings got raided instead. The poor suffer, and the rich prosper.

    Follow the money, as they say.

  3. Anonymous says:

    First let me say i have no time for the monarchy, guards at the queens yacht Britannia say the only man who could just walk on board without an appointment was rothschild.Sir anthony blunt said the royal family were all secret jews, like rothschild himself.
    An ex intel guy i forget his name said on radio a while back that the bank of england, royal mint buck palace
    and stock exchange, the ” square mile ” is rothschilds territory, they have their own police, its city within a city, and if you look at their badge you will see rothschild emblems, the queen is allowed to rule by rothschild as long as they do as he says

  4. Anonymous says:

    Jews rule England…very true but look forther and you’ll see that they, jews, rule the world in one form or another.
    Who can you not criticise openly for fear of being prosecuted…jews of course.
    Communism is a jewish creation for world takeover and is coming your way in the form of a marxist EU!

  5. Anonymous says:

    There is a reason for rothschild’s
    ‘hold’ on the present illegitimate ‘monarch’. She is certainly not the true monarch and this is probably the reason she was not crowned on the stone of scone.
    There is a book written by a true descendant who has had many attempts on his life, including poisoning. website : the world of truth net.
    book and videos of interviews : ‘the hidden king of england’ by greg hallett. He’s been adopted by a relative of the true portuguese heir to throne but is in hiding . I was speechless!

  6. Tapestry says:

    Hallett is an interesting source but takes the facts a bit further than they seem comfortable with. His notion that Queen Victoria was the illegitimate daughter of Nathan Mayer Rothschild, however, fits the scene well.

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