The end of money as we know it

Scotty has left a new comment on your post “Cyprus the model for future EU bank failures“: 

This is an interesting conclusion. They must be referring only to the commercial banks. 

I’m certain the entire BIS central banking cabal will not fall – and it must be the BIS who are, ultimately, in control of everything to do with global finance.

Maybe this is a conformation that global socialism and the end of money – as we know it – really is coming, and very soon.

Positive Money, I noticed this week, are linked to the London school of Economics (how, I do not know) which was set up by the Fabian Society for just this purpose.

I recently wondered why Positive Money were given a prime time slot on BBC Radio 4, when their goals would appear to be anti-banking and anti the creation of money as debt (i.e. all out money is created from nothing by private corporations and then lent to governments – or taxpayers, us – at interest)

Therefore all money is debt and the debt can never be repaid. If all the money in the economy was repaid to the bankers, we would still owe the interest. Even then, there is still the trillions owed by taxpayers, which can obviously never be repaid. 

Gordon Logan commented, last year, that they do not want their money back! They want hard assets – gold, land, property. They know that their paper fiat currency money is as good as worthless. 

So, maybe next we can expect the end of commercial banking, the end of money, as we know it. Every asset in every country may be handed over to pay the debts that taxpayers now owe; firstly nationally owned assets followed by privately owned assets. 

This has been Roman Church-State doctrine for many centuries. Thomas Aquinas wrote about this plan, or ideal. It’s called ‘The Final destination of Goods’. 

It appears that the Jesuits are now openly in control of the papacy, as the new pope is a Jesuit. So is Van Rompuy, President of the European Council
and Mario Monti, the Prime Minister (unelected, I think?) of Italy. 

Reading up on the London School of Economics is worthwhile. Among their central figures was Annie Besant – a key member of, and writer for, the Theosophical Society. The Theosophical Society are well worth looking in to, as well. They talk about the coming of The Christ – not Jesus Christ, but their own New Age christ. The New Age and the Theosophical society / religion is the religion of the UN. They also write about ‘the plan’ – which seems to be running completely to plan!

(A good book to read up on the UN and their true agenda is ‘The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow’, by Constance Cumby.)


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Correction…I think Annie Besant was part of the Fabian Society, not the LSE.
    Of course, there’s a chance she was linked to the LSE as well…


  2. Randy says:

    So a question remains, what will become of us? I’m tired of being afraid! About a year ago a friend of mine pointed out the use of chemtrails and from there I started to open up my eyes and I also stumbled upon your blog. I know in my heart that good will triumph over evil. I also know that that troubled times lie ahead. Thanks for this blog and the awareness that it has brought me…..

  3. Anonymous says:

    After much research and contemplation, I realised about two years ago that the truth, concerning our predicament, is in the Holy Bible, Gods revelation to mankind.
    Unlike other creatures, we have intelligence, free-will, the ability to reason and a soul. We also have an inate sense of right from wrong.
    I believe that we are being tested – and a teacher always remains quiet in an exam…
    We’re getting close to end now, so read the Bible (authorised / King James Version – the rest are all approved and promoted by Rome) and prey – because it really does work!
    Jesus Christ is the truth, the way and the life.


  4. Tapestry says:

    I have learned masses on here and continue to do so, Randy. I hope commenters keep sending in interesting stuff to follow and keep building our understanding of who we are and what controls our existence.

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