Stop complying. Save money.

Julia said…
It’s heartening to hear stories of people getting fed up and refusing to comply. I am noticing more and more of this as there is more and more to get fed up about.

Personally I am doing lots of small things to comply less and make things more awkward for the corporations. One of them is to stop paying by direct debit, and insist on paying cash, and refusing to have a plastic account card for anything. This means they no longer have access to my bank account (I have had two mistakes in their favour in the last year), and they don’t have the money up front.

Which means I have the money upfront, my cash flow improves.
People say it costs less to pay by direct debit, but I think this is an illusion. You are getting it apparently cheaper because there is another sort of price to pay. Watch out!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Direct debit is a scam. Take for example BT that conned millions to pay their bill by direct debit and save a tenner a year (big deal) and some years later after the gullible have joined the gravy train BT withdraws the offer leaving everyone hooked into paying by direct debit and them increasing their turnover by tens of millions.
    Paperless statements are another scam with regards to banking. In the event that something goes wrong with the banks computers or that there is a cyber attack and all accounts are void what proof do you have that you have money in a bank or even an account with them.
    My advice is keep your paper account statements for that day will surely come.

  2. Cancel your PayPal account. You can still use them w your cc, but don’t give them checking acct info. Then if you win tell the seller PP will not accept me w/o my personal checking info. Ask him if you can mail a check with a 10-day clearance delay – he’ll go for it and PP will soon see a dropoff in suckers.

  3. Anonymous says:

    @ Anon 10:10 pm

    Regarding BT. I agree

    I just have Virgin Media, and that’s just for broadband and nothing else. Before you’ve even made a phone call you are paying £14+ for ‘line rental’.

    Virgin have to pay BT for the priviledge of using their phone lines/infrastructure. Utter rip-off. We have a Tesco pay as you go mobile. £10 top with £20 free credit each month. You can’t beat that if you are a relatively light-to-medium user. Don’t register the phone either… more government snooping and junk mail you don’t need.

    @ Charleston Voice

    Notice how eBay made it impossible to buy/sell anything without PayPal? You pay commission on the items you sell and THEN AGAIN on the PayPal ‘fees’, The item you sold for say £100 has now been devalued to about £80 before you’ve even payed any money towards postage costs. This is why people are leaving eBay in droves who wish to sell and are finding alternative auction sites. eBay’s customer service is shocking to say the least too.

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