School is replacing parents

Julia writes –

I was just reading the newsletter from my kids school.

Schools and colleges are setting themselves up as family units.

The phrase used is “academic mother and father system”.

What is a “mother and father system”?

This is described as the college system at Oxford Uni, and the House system in schools. It gives the kids a sense of family and belonging.

The school or college starts to takeover the role. Everything the family does, they do better, or even replace. At the moment, most of the actual family role is a dinner, bed and breakfast premises for the students, and funding for the school uniform and equipment and trips and food.

And somewhere to be when too sick for school.

Every good parent’s main job is to support their child through school, and prepare their child for school .

Before long, the “care” system will extend to ALL children, as the real families and communities get increasingly replaced by state versions. Not only that, we will actually be persuaded to think this is good for our kids and want to pay for it.

Latest from Exaro, 13 March 2013

Ofsted inspectors are hiring themselves out for up to £600 a day to advise schools on how to pass official inspections.

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4 Responses to “School is replacing parents”

  1. Anonymous says:

    this college was seen in restricted papers, as was oriel college, of a linking to Porton Down childrens experiments, churchill, his doctor Lord moran Herbert Morrison and his pals were doing eugenics stuff all the while criticising dr mengele in germany.
    This all originated with MK ultra etc in the USA

  2. Mark Jones says:

    Yes the main job of parents is to prepare their kids for school and purchase everything for them right from school uniforms to water bottles.

  3. Julia says:

    I was a school governor, and my school was getting in Ofsted advisors, and doing practise runs of an Ofsted inspection. So much time and money goes into pleasing Ofsted. The schools are all scared of failing, because the consequences are so great. Also “satisfactory” is now deemed a failure. It seems to me that schools get deliberately failed for piffling reasons. Here is a post I wrote about Ofsted…

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