Queen cancels trip to Rome

Julia said…
She also cancelled St David’s day trip to Wales. 

Surely her homeopathy kit would sort her out?  

Gerlinda writes on fivedoves.com comments –

Tarcisio Bertone won’t be the next pontiff, it seems, because he is the third defendant listed in this case where they were found guilty of crimes against humanity and sentenced to twenty-five year prison terms. 
The Black Cardinal from Kenya is more of a sure thing than ever.

I also read today that Queen Elizabeth whom normally goes to Rome at this time of the year doesn’t look like she may make this trip due to stomach ailments.  hmmmm!

Queen and Pope found guilty by International Court, 20 year sentences.

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2 Responses to “Queen cancels trip to Rome”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The Queen has ‘stomach ailments’.

    Where do I start:

    – The chemtrailing planes went ASBO and flew over one of her mansions, hence her predicament.

    – The NON-GMO/seed farms domes malfunctioned and she now has to eat what us ‘serfs’/’subjects’ have to eat/drink

    – The inbreeding of generations has had a ‘glitch’.

    Just speculating.

  2. Julia says:

    She also cancelled St David’s day trip to Wales.
    Surely her homeopathy kit would sort her out?

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