paedophile social workers grab baby from woman in labour

How does Doncaster Council get away with it? I can talk from experience here as I know only too well how this council operates; corruptly and against any best wishes for the child. It’s as if the social workers have become detached from how nature actually works, to try anything to steal babies and children for their “child trafficking” business. Where was the baby for the time it was without it’s mother? Oh yes feeding the coffers of the very profitable foster industry. I hope and pray that this corrupt industry will sink it’s own ship very soon and leave the children where they belong…with their natural parents (preferably the one who ISN’T the child abuser, as seems to be the case all too often). One would hope that Doncaster council would be very sorry for all the distress they have caused, but no, they are mad that they missed an ideal adoption opportunity, as newborns are so lucrative.

Children are 100 times more likely to die in foster care than with their own parents, and a third of all adoptions fail! Horrific.

God help them.

Vicky Haigh
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  1. Anonymous says:

    As soon as a child is born, they prick the foot for a DNA sample stored on the government ‘database’.

    That child could then be subjected to MMR vaccines. Lot’s of mercury and other junk that the developing human body doesn’t need (typically, the first 18 months of child development is crucial).

    Baby formula laced with aspartame and other chemicals.

    Home-birth with strict supervision over the mid-wife would be a start.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’ve a friend in the US who knows people who simply gave birth at home, never informed the authorities and subsequently home schooled their children, who by my understanding have no official existance. What problems this may bring in terms of benefits later in life I do not know.

    I hold a policy of avoiding all third party control over any of my affairs (especially government) wherever possible for when someone gets any involvement in my life then things always seem to go wrong.

    However a word of warning:

    I acted as a McKenzie Friend for a young mother who had split from her declared partner. He had entered into other relationships and for periods spanning many years was not registered on any Council Tax database (which local authorities share by the way).

    The DWP took the view that where she had been in receipt of benefit and the local authority had no record of her ex-partner on the council tax database, this meant they were co-habiting.

    The DWP/L.A. then demanded she repay all benefit for any period they had no record of his being registered for council tax. They also found an interesting way to enforce this, they claimed she admitted such when she did no such thing.

    I have seen women jailed for 3 years for such and having a child she gladly offered to pay what ever they demanded to avoid the threat of legal action so the child would not go into care should they seek to imprison her.

    This smacks of enforced debt just as tuition fees go.

    This is but one small case I have dealt with having had encounters with scores of corrupt judges. What is their reward? £150,000 p.a plus from the public trough.

    The system in the UK has reverted to the middle ages in terms of it’s barbarity. Perhaps that is why Mandelson cruises with the Rothschilds.


  3. Anonymous says:

    My blood boils when I read stories like these Tap. Our wholly evil, corrupt and complicit criminal meme is destroying us like a cancer. All the while the drugged up mindless sheeple just sit back and let it happen time and again.

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