Obama subtly fluffs his lines during swearing-in ceremony

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Has Obama ever taken his Oath of Office?
Obama made a mess of his Oath of Office in the 2009 inauguration, and had to repeat it the next day
in private. No Bible was used in the replay.
Obama (right) faces man in judge's robe as they raise their right hands
I think he has pulled the same stunt again, this time the other way around.
During his private oath in the ‘Blue Room’ he placed his hand on a blue covered book which was reported
to be Michelle’s family Bible. Why didn’t they take it out of it’s cover ?  Was it the Bible in there, or something
else ? A copy of ’50 Shades of Grey’ perhaps. Either way, he did not touch the Bible.
‘Well done Daddy, you didn’t mess up’
Joe Biden doesn’t mess about when it comes to Bibles, his is a whopper !
So, we come to the public oath taking, swearing not on just one Bible, but two illustrious examples.
What does Obama do, he very subtly fluffs his lines. 16 seconds in on this video he mispronounces ‘States’.
To my mind Obama has never sworn to uphold the Constitution, although I suspect he quite likes the 5th Amendment bit.
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John A

P.S. This makes Joe Biden the President does it not? 
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4 Responses to “Obama subtly fluffs his lines during swearing-in ceremony”

  1. Anonymous says:

    does it really matter if the book is a bible or not? it is a work of fiction anyway

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Well Anon 11.0, it matters to tell the truth.
    Obama has a photographic memory, as well as being a liar.
    He is a Communist and Domestic Terrorist.
    So is he a Freemason, I think that goes with the job.
    So nothing really good about him is there.

  3. Julia says:

    Merovee blog has done a few posts on the inauguration. Here is one on Obama’s four oaths…
    The inauguration was on St Agnes Eve and St Agnes Day, very auspicious. I wrote a post on that…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous at 11.00 I gusee you have not studied the Masoretic manuscripts or the New Testament codices in depth and are simply chanting the NWO Bible myth mantra.



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