North Korea talks war. Who’s paying?

North Korea is bust. Yet they have enough kit to launch a fullscale war against neighbouring South Korea. You do wonder who might be paying.

 The Rothschilds probably – or bankers in league with them. They’ve been at it for two centuries.  There is still no business as profitable, and more certain to keep power right at the centre, at the heart of their worldwide banking system.

Chug sends –  how North Korea sees western propaganda –

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  1. Chug says:

    have a look at this video telling how North Korea sees western propaganda….spot on!

  2. Anonymous says:

    An attempt to limit the UK’s attempt at blogosphere regulation is under way:

    As the bell tolls for press freedom, the realisation that a whole host of tiny websites, including Big Brother Watch, would be covered by the provisions of the new press regulator is dawning on Westminster.

    On Monday, the Lords will vote on the legislation “underpinning” the Royal Charter on press-self regulation. They will determine who is to be a ‘relevant publisher’ and at present risks catching broadly any site that is has more than one author, carries news or information about current affairs, or gossip about celebrities, and has some kind of editorial control.

    We are urgently trying to garner support for the below amendment to exclude small organisations from the provisions of what is already becoming an unwieldy and unpredictable piece of legislative horse trading.

    This is not an ideal situation – as with most things formulated in meetings at 2am – and it would make much more sense for this to be handled rationally and thought through properly. This amendment protects a few, but the principle has already gone.

    We are still looking for a peer to table this amendment – any help is appreciated – please call the office on 0207 3406030.

    Insert into New Schedule 5 of the Crime and Courts Bill ‘Exclusions from definition of “relevant publisher”

    9) “A publisher who does not exceed the definition of a small or medium-sized enterprise as defined in Section 382 and 465 Companies Act 2006.”

    Also here:

    And another one here:

    Representatives of Common Purpose front group Hacked Off were in the room along with its other graduates whilst the Royal Charter was being finalised:

    “Present at the meeting were Mr Miliband, his deputy Harriet Harman, Mr Clegg, Oliver Letwin for the Conservatives and Evan Harris of Hacked Off with three other pressure group members.”

    Tell them all to BLOG OFF!

  3. salty says:

    North Korea Could Launch An EMP Attack On U.S.

    Posted on February 22, 2016.

    A think tank has warned that North Korea has the potential to launch a devastating EMP attack on U.S. power grids.

    An EMP attack could disrupt electrical and electronic systems needed for modern life and cause widespread chaos.

    The possibility of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack, where a nuclear device is programmed to produce an electromagnetic wave with such force to destroy electronic systems, has plagued mankind since the Cold War, according to the Center for Security Policy.

    However fresh fears have emerged that North Korea could be the one to launch such an attack following its hydrogen bomb claim and its firing of a rocket just days ago.

    Henry Cooper, a director at the think tank Foundation for Resilient Societies, said: “The technology of building a super EMP weapon is understood and at least by circumstantial evidence… the North Koreans know how to do it.”

    While last month’s apparent hydrogen bomb test was met with scepticism from the US, who could not verify the claims from North Korea, Mr Cooper said “there is no good reason” to dismiss the threat of an EMP.

    Labelling North Korea as “an essential threat”, he argued that an EMP attack could be triggered by a low-yield hydrogen weapon.

    Last October it was announced the US government was preparing for the event of a catastrophic solar flare, which can cause the same damage as an EMP attack.

    Experts fear the effects of a powerful geomagnetic solar storm could be devastating for our technology obsessed planet, with some saying it could render mobile phones, credit cards and the internet useless.

    Scientists are now predicting a 12 per cent chance that another solar storm could wreak havoc on the Earth by 2022 – forcing the White House to brace for action.

    The US was reported to be preparing a contingency plan in the form of a space weather action scheme, which will be drawn up and put into effect in the event of disaster.

    The threat of a solar storm was recently highlighted by a US-report, which stated that a large disaster could inflict up to £2 trillion worth of damage to key infrastructures.

    The announcement came after NORAD officials urged the US to be prepared for an EMP attack.

    Vincent DeVito, a former US Assistant Secretary of Energy under President George W. Bush, ranked the threat posed by an EMP attack as a 7 on a scale of 1 to 10.

    Both Israel and Ukraine were hit with crippling hacks against their respective power grids in recent months by supposed ransomware.

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