Nelson’s turning in his grave

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As Brian Gerrish is at pains to state, the UK armed forces is being dismantled piece by piece and we are slowly but surely being taken over by the French armed forces (or technically, they are part of the UN/one-world-army).

The French practically own our gas and electric companies so why not everything else? :sarcasm:

TAPthe pipeline for most of our natural gas comes from France, and we buy electricity from overseas when required.  This dependency can be used.  We already are waiting for French planes to fly off British aircraft carriers, and the RAF to be flown by Kenyan pilots.  One of the few ways the OWG could be stopped is by military high command not obeying orders.  By dividing all our militaries up, we won’t be able to disobey orders on a national interest basis.

No doubt the Falklands will be given away by order of the politicians at some point.
This is all being done by design of course. The EU (Nazi) narrative is to destroy nationalism and have one European super-state eventually leading onto one-world-government. The UK is already ‘diverse’ (common purpose term) in the fact that we have been flooded with immigrants and the system cannot cope.

TAPI am sure we could cope if they let is cope.  They want us believing we are incapable of restoring a virtuous society, and accept their totalitarian power as the only solution.  The Hegelian?  Dialectic. ……………….bollocks.

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    Just one mistake here, Yuri Bezmenov, Oleg Gordievski and Ivan lukaszewski have all said the EU is comunist, not natzi, remember the natzis is national socialism
    and was against this

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