Latest shill strategy – bypassing comment moderation

I spend a certain amount of time each day deleting comments.  The ones I delete used to argue with the views being taken by the writers, but of late have taken another course.  They make as if to agree with what is written but then add a twist, either being extremely anti-Jewish, homophobic or both.

These are predominantly what I delete, although there are others which are better got rid of than left.  If they advertise a product or a service in a rather unsubtle manner – or another unrelated website, for example.     I don’t delete opposing views as some allege, unless they are laced with swear words and are not an intelligent attempt to offer an alternative viewpoint.

The latest method employed to spoil the blog is a bit different.  Presumably with the full cooperation of Google,  ‘shill’ comments appear, as usual, under the blog posts in comments, but they don’t appear in the comments list, where I go to moderate.  That means they don’t easily come to my attention and they get through to readers for longer.  I apologise for this, and will try to work out other means of dealing with them.

I can delete them in comments, but have to find them first.  It leaves a ‘deleted by editor’ marker when they are deleted in this manner, whereas deletion from the moderation list leaves no trace.

The shills never give up.

WASP often goes back over old posts on the blog, when he is writing new stuff, and links back.  He often finds links disconnected, and there is clearly an effort being made to stop people finding out what they otherwise would find out.

We won’t be giving up after seven years.  In fact more good material arrives each day, as new blog post writers appear.  Many older ones eventually move on, often under threat.  They send an email telling me they are being threatened.  The most extreme example was Gordon Logan, who described events where he narrowly missed being taken out in a road ‘accident’.  As a former intelligence services agent, he has a ‘handler’ who has no doubt requested he stop writing.

I am sure opposition to this blog and others won’t be giving up any time soon.

The Tap Blog is a collective of like-minded researchers and writers who’ve joined forces to distribute information and voice opinions avoided by the world’s media.

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  1. Shazza says:

    At the risk of sounding *gushy*, I would like to take this opportunity TAP – to thank you for providing us with this platform:
    to share information/ learn, and challenge our views, on a wide range of topics.

    Much of the information being suppressed by corporations, government, medics etc.
    It brings to light, the ‘hidden agenda’ that is so common in the modern world.

    When the Saville scandal first started to break, it was THIS SITE which provided me with so much information (suppressed by mainstream media). You even stuck your neck out, with the naming and shaming of other paedophiles (which has since been corroborated by the mainstream media). You (and your contributors) provided us with unique insight, often backed up by evidence, in the form of facts/ investigations/ convictions, dating back decades, which had again, been conveniently ‘hidden’ from us.

    Finally – it so often crosses my mind, in times when profit and greed are so prevalent around us – that you actually invest so much of your own time and energy on this, your site.
    With no apparent financial gain.

    Glad to hear you have no intention to ‘shut shop’, despite the pressures and opposition that must (I imagine) be draining.

    VIVA LE TAP…!!!!!



  2. Anonymous says:

    but the public do not want pro homosexual propaganda so have every right to complain ?
    and the public do not like the power of the ewish lobby or hat israel does in palestine etc
    please explain this

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