Paedophilia – the pastime of the powerful

In his Christmas message to the world at Christmas 2010, he stated that paedophilia was not always a bad thing.  This was not mentioned by the world’s media.  They’re a big part of the paedophile network of course.  

TAPThe media defence of the Pope as he resigns has been very slow to take shape.  Now we see it in full flood.  The problem is (they say, as usual) ‘not about paedophiles, so much as gay priests’.  David Cameron had that one ready in a split second at the Philip Schofield interview…’the notorious homophobic witchhunt’.  If it is a witchhunt, it’s going some.  The scandal has little to do with being ‘gay’ and all to do with child abuse – in all zones, Parliament, the Church, the EU and the Monarchy.  It is not a ‘gay mafia’ as so many politicians privately refer to it, but a child abuse mafia.

Cameron on the BBC.  Is he involved?  His response to Schofield was totally vicious.   Why?  Who’s he trying to protect?  He must know that child abuse is the pastime of the powerful.  Jimmy Savile didn’t run the show for forty years because he was funny, for goodness sake.

The Pope is now being portrayed not as the advocate of child abuse, which he most certainly was, but as someone who wants to save the Church from child abuse.  If he wanted a mission to eradicate it, as claimed, he wouldn’t resign.  He’d stop saying it’s a good thing, and start the task of ending the control of the church by the paedophiles.  His resignation comes at the same moment he’s been convicted of involvement of the murder of Canadian school children, along with the Queen.
Daily Mail extract sent by Shazza

He resigned in early February. That report was a final straw.

The Filth has been corroding the soul of the Catholic Church for years, and the reason is the power-grabbing ineptitude and secrecy of the Curia – which failed to deal with the perpetrators. Now the Curia itself stands accused of being part of The Filth.  

Benedict realises the Curia must be reformed root and branch. He knows this is a mammoth task.
He is too old, and too implicated, to clean it up himself. He has resigned to make way for a younger, more dynamic successor, untainted by scandal – and a similarly recast Curia.
Benedict was not prepared to wait for his own death to sweep out the gang who run the place.
In one extraordinary gesture, by resigning, he gets rid of the lot of them. But what then?
The Curia are usually quickly reappointed. This time it may be different. It involves scores of departments, like the civil service of a middling-sized country. 
It has a Home and  Foreign Office called the Secretariat of State. There’s a department that watches out for heresy – the former Holy Inquisition which under Cardinal Ratzinger dealt with, or failed to deal with, paedophile priests.
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TAP – Read between the lines.  Remember that Ratzinger made speeches saying child abuse wasn’t all bad.  He’s up to his neck in it, as they are in all three main political parties in Britain, and across many other countries.  Child abuse is the pastime of the powerful.  If this is the best denial they can come up with, each time someone is accused in the media, you know the rest.  They are all filth and not ashamed of it one bit.

The evidence stacks up from every angle.

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9 Responses to “Paedophilia – the pastime of the powerful”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Pedophillia is an excellent control mechanism too. Those people higher up in the pyramid structure (politicians for example) have dirt on them. Their handlers/puppeteers use this to control them. By the same token, these groups of people watch each other’s backs and swear to never tell a soul. When they get found out they usually just ‘resign’. Anybody else would be locked away with the keys thrown away.

    All rather intricate but as the saying goes ”The truth will out”. Call it karma if you will.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is not new, Lord Rothschild
    picked the apostles, homosexuals
    to be employed by him to undermine
    the UK in the 1930s essential as rothschilds men plotted another world war.
    The well know song of the apostles is still sung in some clubs
    ” little boys are cheap today cheaper than yesterday “

  3. Anonymous says:

    who protected jimmy saville ?
    all those years and all those boys and girls !!

  4. Anonymous says:

    11 Cardinals Dis the Pope!


    Maybe they are not all bad?

  5. Anonymous says:

    where have all those fab comments gone ?
    they were brill !!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    @ Anon 5:46pm

    You keep posting in all-CAPS.

    And the majority of your posts are homophobic/tension-stirring.

    I used to be a moderator and it’s not difficult (to say the least) to spot what you are up to.

    Get a real job rather than spamming forums/blogs.

  7. Today Cardinal O’Brien admitted to child abuse. Will the Cardinal face prosecution for these offences? The BBC gave quite some air time to Peter Jennings, catholic journalist, whose message seemed to be that the victims of Cardinal O’Brien had brought shame upon the Catholic Church for blowing the whistle. WTF!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    i cant find it now but a good commenet from an african lady about how to comabt homosexual behaviour

  9. Wish13 says:

    To anonymous above – Paedophilia has absolutely nothing to do with having to combat homosexual behaviour.

    If this is what you believe, then you really need to read more – educate yourself, and realise what is really going on. I am heterosexual, with two daughters. I have a very close friend of about 20 years younger who is homosexual.

    He had a very tough upbringing because of this (being thrown out of home at 14 for one thing) and he looks to me as almost a surrogate father because I guided and helped him when he asked. I work with a couple of guys who are gay and they are also nice/good people. To them it is a not a ‘choice’, it is who and what they are – no choice needed.

    Paedophilia is a means to an end for the Satanists. It’s a means of control for the handlers of many politicians, celebrities and others in the establishment and positions of power. In fact I can honestly say, that unless you are as corruptible as these people, it is VERY hard to get into these power positions.

    I for one am not trying to ‘cure’ homosexuality – when that’s not even the issue. I am trying to wake people up to how the rulers, behind the rulers work.

    I apologise for the rant, but one thing we need to be clear about is that this child abusing culture of the elites (and their minions) IS NOT homosexuality gone wrong or ‘gays gone bad’. It is far more insidious – far more evil in its intent and ultimate purpose. Please wake up.

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