If not vaccination and anti-biotics, then what?

It’s pretty obvious from following the blog here that many of the contributors are not favourable to vaccination as a system of ‘medicine’.  Bill Gates finds it a great way to sterilise billions of people, reduce their IQ and condemn millions to either paralysis, illness or autistic syndromes.   In the two days following a vaccination, the killer blood cells can decide to kill off damaged brain cells.  The effects can range from IQ reduction to instant death.  Those who want to get well, and be healthy need to find other ways, it seems.

First port of call, once you’re fed up with being asked the many times repeated mantra of NHS practitioners, viz. ‘are you up to date with your vaccinations?‘ has to be the osteopath for kids, or a chiropracter for adults.  Getting your ‘palpations’ running well,  improves mood, posture and your immune system.

This will stop you from getting ill or predispose you to getting well again if struck down.  As regards health, I could mention things like diet (caveman is best), clean water (proper filters costing £1000 not the things you buy in Boots) and moderate exercise, but here I’m asking who are the best health assistants to either prevent illness, or alleviate illness and get you over it.

After the osteopath, you could consider acupuncture.  It is said to be able to cure things.  In my experience it is incredible at getting you over physical injuries, or helps a lot with insomnia.  I found Chinese herbs bought me time with my illness a few years ago, but they didn’t effect a cure.  The practitioner that will help you recover from illness the best is surely the homeopath.

I am currently looking into this and am going to see a homeopath in the coming days.  I am told he will equip us with a range of homeopathic cures which we will select from and administer when illness strikes.  An illness that might last a week could be over in hours, according to one adviser I met.  Is this why the queen has her own private homeopath?  You can be sure she won’t be taking any of Bill Gates’ brain-killing vaccinations any time soon, or the other members of her family.

Does anyone reading here have any experience of either osteopathy or homeopathy?  Are there any other kinds of cure that are kept away from the public at large?

My experience of illness shows that diet saves your life – magnesium for your heart, B17 Novodalin in the west/ or guyabano leaf water in hotter climes for a cancer patient.  But crucially in my case so was getting toxins out a crucial step in the process of recovery.  That required chelation and years of sweating either in saunas, or keeping the aircon switched off.  It’s like an account, good stuff (+) to go in, bad stuff (-) to come out, and the picture gets better over time.

AS FOR REPLACING ANTI-BIOTICS, which are approaching the end of their usefulness, as resistance to them grows, here’s another idea.

According to a new proof-of-principle study,1 blue light can selectively eliminate infections caused by Pseudomonas aeruginosa. According to lead researcher Michael R. Hamblin of the Massachusetts General Hospital:2
“Microbes replicate very rapidly, and a mutation that helps a microbe survive in the presence of an antibiotic drug will quickly predominate throughout the microbial population. Recently, a dangerous new enzyme, NDM-1, that makes some bacteria resistant to almost all antibiotics available has been found in the United States. Many physicians are concerned that several infections soon may be untreatable.
Blue light is a potential non-toxic, non-antibiotic approach for treating skin and soft tissue infections, especially those caused by antibiotic resistant pathogens.”

Could Blue Light Replace Antibiotics?

In the study, lab animals were infected with P. aeruginosa. Incredibly, ALL of the animals treated with blue light survived while 82 percent of the controls died. Could this possibly be the beginning of a whole new treatment paradigm for infections? Clearly, we’re nearing the end of the road of the antibiotic era, as antibiotic-resistance spreads.
Blue light therapy has also been shown effective against MRSA and other resistant bugs, offering new hope for effective treatments.
In a previous study published in 2009,3 over 90 percent of community acquired and hospital acquired strains of MRSA were successfully eradicated within mere minutes of exposure to blue light. According to the authors:
“These significant levels of photo-destruction at low dosages indicate that irradiation with 470nm LED light energy may be a practical, inexpensive alternative to treatment with pharmacological agents, particularly in cases involving cutaneous and subcutanious MRSA infections that are susceptible to non-invasive types of radiation.”
Here, the word “radiation” does NOT refer to ionizing radiation but rather the emission of energy from an LED light source – here within the blue light spectrum, which has a range of 450-495 nanometers (nm). (The study in question used 470nm blue light).
Natural sunlight will expose you to the full light spectrum from 415-660nm light, which encompasses the entire spectrum of colors: violet, blue, green, yellow, orange and red.

JULIA adds –

I would go to a homeopath now if I got something, though since she has twice sorted me out on really weird things very quickly, I have been pretty healthy. I would suggest going on recommendation. It’s worth the money, it saves you more than you spend, by improvement to your health. 

And you sometimes only need one visit. 

It’s generally good to see the homeopath to get a good prescription. Unless you are really clued up, or the problem is a simple recognisable one, you may not analyse it correctly yourself. 

You pay for their skills, the actual pills are really cheap. The other problem with online ordering is that you may get low quality pills with extra stuff added, unless you know what you are doing.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    In the 1990s agroup of hospital doctors got together under one man
    and came out against vaccination,
    the man at the top had his important hospital job in Britain taken away under false accusations, the other doctors were demoted and split up.
    A book was written about al this but before publication the authorities stopped publication and took all manuscripts.
    I was able to get hold of one copy
    which is in my personal library,
    it condemns vaccination and the toxic substances which go into them

  2. Tapestry says:

    Please tell us the title and give an extract. That sounds like a story that needs to come out.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I once saw a Homeopath in the 70s and he said that my ill health was due to vaccines. His advise was never have any more!

  4. Have had a chronic illness for the last twenty three years. Found energy techniques to be excellent eg TCM (Chinese acupuncturists are truly expert), Qi Gong and a reiki attunement have all helped enormously. Have ditched the drugs (medication).

    The No Hope Service did nothing to improve things when I returned to the GB.

    I believe a vaccination was the start of things and have avoided them ever since. However, mothers are under enormous pressure to have children vaccinated. They know they risk making themselves known to Social Services by refusing. Personally I consider vaccination to be assault. How do we help mothers confronted with this issue?

  5. Anonymous says:

    I would guess that 60% of alternative medicine promoted on the net is a money raising scam, 30% is well meaning but wrong, 9% helps a bit, and 1% is a miracle cure.

    Having said the above I still take a keen interest in these topics. I’m currently experimenting with colloidal silver with promising results. At least it’s relatively harmless and virtually free if home made.

    If I develop cancer I will certainly look for alternative treatments to surgery/chemo, but referring to my first paragraph above, I certainly don’t look forward to this exercise.

  6. Tapestry says:

    My mother’s cancer cleared up with Novodalin (laetrile) and water filtration. GP had told her nothing they could do three years ago. It was on her lungs, after earlier operations.

  7. Anonymous says:

    If this can supposedly cure HIV/AIDS:


    … then I’m sure it has other applications too for maintaining one’s health.

  8. Shazza says:

    TAP – in terms of TCM, the intestines/ gut are fundamental in terms of recovery of illness…

    Why? Well, if you think of a car, you would have a major service of the engine, in addition to any other repairs that are necessary.
    But without the major service, the car will continue to not work effectively. SAme with the gut in us. First TCM practitioners use herbs to purge the stomach (old faecal matter/ toxins/ mucus etc)… and to open up meridians. Then, the body’s healing ability is improved/ this when herbs for disease will be most effective.

    Accupuncture used in conjunction, speeds up body’s response to healing.

    I believe that one of the most important aspects of TCM, is the benefit of diagnosis, totally different to western assessment/ diagnosis.

    Example – in TCM, depression is not a disease linked to low levels of serotonin, it’s cause is primarily issues to do with liver/ toxins, but nutritional deficiencies also plays a part.
    Another reason why I despise antidepressants!

    I would like to share one more experience with you (if you will indulge me, lol)

    Several years ago, during backpacking trip in Thailand, I was experiencing stomach pain, whilst in Bangkok.
    I visited a reflexologist; I did not tell her of my pain.
    During the session, I literally screamed in agony, when she massaged a certain point.
    Few moments later, at a different point, the same thing happened.

    When the session was over, she showed me on a reflexology map of the feet, the points that had caused pain.
    Bladder was one, kidneys also.

    I went after this, and had my urine tested. Sure enough, I had a urine infection (Bangkok was 40oC at this time, for sure I had not been drinking sufficient water)
    I belive this explained cause of stomach pain.

    Additionally,many reports of women falling pregnant after a few sessions of reflexology/ accupuncture… when they have previously been unable to do so (unexplained infertility)… TCM believes these therapies unblock the meridians, allowing our energy (qi) to flow…

    I certainly believe TCM is superior when it comes to diagnosis.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Some very good comments here,
    I was a would be high flyer in the London of the 70s, the man most top doctors went to was Stephen Ward osteopath natureopath magician etc, this man was a marvel, even the royals and foreign dignitaries went to him,
    but he knew too much, we blamed his murder on the Soviets, Eugene Ivanov his KGB opposite said ” no not us look closer to home “
    Fot what he of Winston Churchill and prince philip and Lord Mountbatten he was silenced.
    if you wish to learn more on vaccinations, Stephen Ward has a rival coming along , aslo an osteopath/naturopath etc
    his name is neil fennel
    and his email is

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hydrogen peroxide, very cheap, non-patentable, very effective at killing bacteria is one its many uses.


  11. Julia says:

    I would go to a homeopath now if I got something, though since she has twice sorted me out on really wierd things very quickly, I have been pretty healthy. I would suggest going on recommendation. It’s worth the money, it saves you more than you spend, by improvement to your health. And you sometimes only need one visit. It’s generally good to see the homeopath to get a good prescription. Unless you are really clued up, or the problem is a simple recognisable one, you may not analyse it correctly yourself. You pay for their skills, the actual pills are really cheap. The other problem with online ordering is that you may get low quality pills with extra stuff added, unless you know what you are doing.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I work in the medical field and allopathic medicine is just drug company quackery.
    the best practitioners are
    loiuse mclean- homeopath
    kitty campion – medical herbalist
    previously mentioned – neil fennel
    ostopathy etc and fioretta blyde
    a mixture of scoences, google all these people and you will be well

  13. Chris Jones says:

    A good nutritionist is better for 80% of ailments i’d say, with ‘doctors’ occasionally being of use for the other 20%. Otherwise doctors are of very little value and have been brainwashed to be if very little real use in most areas. I actually feel for them that they have been so misled by the corrupt health system as we know it

  14. wasp says:

    Hi Tap.
    The Information I Gave in The Post I sent was correct was Correct, ie Total Jesuit Takeover of VATICAN, Ist Jesuit ever to be White Pope.

    Main Link:- Accused Criminal Becomes First Jesuit Pope

    It would also appear that:-
    Cardinal Bergoglio accused for stealing babies for Dictatorship

    Put on Translate under babytrafficing
    The prosecution and the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo claimed to be called to testify in the case that the plan is systematic theft of children born in captivity

    The prosecution and the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo today claimed in court that judges the systematic plan for the theft of babies born in captivity to be called to testify Cardinal Primate of Argentina Jorge Bergoglio, who today was again mentioned in court for crimes against humanity ………

    Is This More of The Same, They Hope The Brain Dead Won’t Notice.

    REGARDS ……….. WASP

  15. Anonymous says:

    never had u down as controlled opposition tap


  16. Anonymous says:

    I believe Anonymous in the first comment was probably referring to Dr.Andrew Wakefield who has been treated disgracefully. His findings have been concealed and he himself discredited. Basically one huge cover up because he dared to suggest MMR was responsible for autism in some children who had received this vaccine.

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