how your doctor makes money by killing your child

TAP – This one even smiles while he’s doing it.  Dr Ranj from cbeebies.  All charm, but why do kids need health industry propaganda on prime time TV? Surely advice as to how to lead a healthy lifestyle is more relevant to kids than explanations about complex medical interventions, which are offered as the only solution.  Money, I guess.

Tap here’s the vaccine autism answer from Woody Monte
The methanol in aspartame does its damage by converting into formaldehyde within vulnerable cells in the body….in particular the vermis of the cerebellum of the developing infant brain.  When protein in the child’s brain is attacked by this formaldehyde it can change in such a way as to signal to activated white blood cells (macrophages) in the child’s blood that the protein has been damaged in such a way as warrant being destroyed by these important blood cells.  

Vaccination is known to increase greatly the number and activity of these macrophages in a child’s blood thus increasing greatly the chances of them attacking the tissue of the child’s brain within a day or so after vaccination.

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And your message I’ve been put on the stoneage diet – nothing that wasn’t around in the stone age can be eaten or drunk. 
This is definitely the safest way to go – my own statement for years has been “They are trying to kill you slowly and screw you for the health dollar on the way through!”
quoted from Woody’s webmaster, Ngaire, not Woody himself.

EARLIER POST from Woody on aspartame

48,000 Indian children paralysed by polio vaccine

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2 Responses to “how your doctor makes money by killing your child”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Our local surgery has been pestering us to have our 20 month old daughter poisoned… sorry, ‘immunised’… with ‘MMR 1 Pneumococcal Booster’.

    I’m even more angry now that they want to potentially kill my child especially after reading this thread:

    … and also noting the same things being said on other forums/blogs.

    Needless to say their yellow appointment slip sent through the post went straight in the bin.

    Keep up the good work Tap.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Had to laugh at Murdoch’s Sky propaganda News:

    This garbage news story is probably on your local propaganda radio station today as they take their news feeds from the Sky News Centre (as linked above).

    So now antibiotics are trying to be linked to terrorism. The real terrorists are the BigPharma companies trying to kill/poison us all.

    ‘Terrorism’ started off with imaginary arabs running around in caves at the bequest of Osama Bin Laden. Now ‘terrorism’ is fast turning into anything that goes against the government narrative.

    It’s been done by design too.

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