Farage: bail-outs are ending nation states.

That said, he’s still hooked up on WW2 theatre, and is apparently unaware that that whole enterprise was an earlier attempt to reduce all nation states to serfdom, by the same banking elites who now use economic weaponry to destroy nation states like Ireland, Greece and Cyprus.  WW2 was planned to end the British Empire, destroy Germany, Russia and Japan and start the process of communising the human populations of the world.

America was as much the patsy as all the others, with Pearl Harbour just an earlier version of false flag like 911, and the Japanese persuaded to attack by stunts like the SS Automedon.  Japan’s navy was funded by Standard Bank, owned by David Cameron’s mother’s family.  The Bushes funded Hitler. Henry Ford built his war machinery, while IBM ran his information and administrative systems throughout WW2.  So much for the Americans, and the heroic role Farage ascribes to them.

Given that democratic politics is 90% charade, it would nevertheless be quite fun to have a UKIP charade for a change, even if Farage is on record as being a ‘friend of Israel’, and has yet to declare any concerns that might upset the Zionist cause.  He doesn’t control UKIP.  That’s organised very much in the shadows by a cabal of grey individuals, the same ones who pushed out Alan Skedd, and who came to UKIP after the 1997 elections from New Britain, an openly racist party,  that had no electoral appeal.

It seems unlikely that Farage’s rhetoric would ever be permitted to bring about the changes he seems to believe in.  That said, he might be another naive politician, like Owen Paterson.  They have all the right notions and work very hard for what they believe in, but don’t realise how much they are being used by people in the background, whose voices are never heard.  See next post.  That’s all out of bounds for UKIP who want to enlarge Britain’s armed forces.  Yet our armed forces are destroying country after country.  We are just further down the list of globalist targets..

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The whole thing is a theatre. Farrage is no more one of us than one of them. We hang on to his words because they give us hope, but I believe he is as much a stooge as the rest of them. Is it not obvious? The propaganda is so advanced that it has those of us that believe we are intellectual and free grasping for someone to believe in because they are SO opposed to the filth, that we do just that: grasp them. The facts are that we so disconnected from who we are that we still cling to the side of the swimming pool, even when our “free” and “educated” minds tell us otherwise. We need to prise our fingers away, close our ears and eyes, and PUSH.

  2. Tapestry says:

    The few politicians that I know personally and have known personally, convinces me that they are people who are easy for others to manipulate. They learn not to ask questions, and realise that the political parties they work within are slippery, and have learned to keep their mouths shut, and dodge away from trouble.

    You have to love being in the public eye, and want to achieve ‘office’ or ‘position’ more than anything else in the world, a bit like those who are stagestruck in the theatre or movies. They have to believe the stuff they say, at least to some extent, and if it helps them to advance, they find believing it all the easier. It’s a bit like an actor becomes his/her part in real life. The lines might be written by someone else, and the film is funded from elsewhere, but the actor somehow needs that identity and takes it on.

    They are just another level in the pyramid. Politicians that turn against the interests of the powerful who put them in place, like Robin Cooke or John Smith, are eliminated. That can be outright assassination, or assassination by media, as with Thatcher and IDS.

    Farage loves his job and his role in the theatre of politics, and he needs it personally. (I did actually write a leaflet under his instruction a few years ago, and made posters which he used on TV). His beliefs easily swing into place, yet he avoids all talk of conspiracy, and only makes any resistance to the dreaded EU, which can easily be taken out at a later stage, and replaced with direct diktat from the UN, which he never mentions. He knows the limitations of his script.

    If he really threatened the world’s power structure, he wouldn’t be left in play for long. His instincts for survival must tell him that. He’s probably afraid, yet can’t stop the process of the crashing popularity of the EU, and his useful contribution to it. Politics is the art of the possible.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I watched the BNP become infiltrated, negatively built up by the media as the Boogeyman, and then dropped altogether, to be replaced by UKIP as the new controlled opposition.

    From what I can see there are many good grass roots people 2/3rds of the way up in both parties, but as Tap says, such is the sophistication of the propaganda and deception they are nothing but useful idiots for the controllers.

    The reality being that anyone who did posess the ability or popularity to take the party in a direction contrary to the controllers wishes ended up sidelined or worse. John Smith springs to mind.

    If we had all been thinking clearer then surely we would have realised that nothing state sanctioned (albeit demonised in the freak show press) is for our benefit. For things to change we need to look beyond organised political parties, hence the deliberate isolating of people by reducing travel and opportunities to meet socially and ferment change.

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