Don’t microwave your food

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Microwave ovens leak, we have been told that the microwaves are contained within the oven, but this is not true of any microwave oven. I have an EMF RF meter and when a microwave is switched on the readings are very high, almost as high as WIFI from BT. I tested my microwave and my neighbours when I heard it on and theirs does too. I have heard from experts who all say that yes contrary to popular belief all microwave ovens leak. 

I would advise everyone who owns a microwave oven to open up their bin and drop it in!!! 

I have and I am so glad I did. Heating food with microwaves destroys the foods nutritional content and changes the structure of the food to make it cause free radical damage in our bodies and so leading to disease. 

Please if you doubt what I am saying please do your own research, David Icke and Gregg Braden have videos on Youtube where they show photographic evidence of how “bad energy” whether it is from microwave radiation or other pollution causes water (food is mostly made up of water) to freeze in a disturbed way whereas pure non interfered with water freezes in pretty snowflake patterns. 

Also microwaved water versus pure water makes plants grow badly and die, not thrive. This is worrying for our water supply as there are a lot of water towers with mobile phone base stations on them and so microwaving our water before we even receive it .

(water has a memory, that is how homeopathy is said to work). 

Obviously the elites know this and that’s why they are pushing the use of RF emitting devices today (population reduction). 

Microwave radiation is for military purposes, microwave ovens used to be called “radarages” as the person who had the idea for them was working on radar and had a chocolate bar in this pocket which he found had melted due to the radar. 

The elites are lying to us, they show us colourful illuminating products which us humans are drawn to (we are beings of frequency, light is a frequency) we listen to these lies and believe that mobile phones, WIFI and all other RF emitting products are safe. We are killing ourselves and paying them money too. 

We must reverse this madness and put the health of mankind, animals and our beautiful planet before this hunger and desire for electronic gadgets which cannot be justified on any level. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    and dont wear microwave underpants..

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