Councillors for hire

I was shocked by the news that Councillors from the old parties are offering to advise developers on planning permission — for a fee. Some of them may have problems at the ballot box in May (I’m sensing a huge opportunity for UKIP here).  But I was also reminded of Betjeman’s poem “Executive”.
Many of us will remember the first verse: 
I am a young executive.  No cuffs than mine are cleaner; 
I have a slim-line briefcase and I drive the firm’s Cortina”.
Less well known, but more apposite, however, are the final two stanzas:
I do some mild developing.  The sort of place I need
Is a quiet country market town that’s rather run to seed.
A luncheon and a drink or two, a little savoir faire —
I fix the Planning Officer, the Town Clerk and the Mayor.
And if some preservationist attempts to interfere,
A “dangerous structure” notice from the Borough Engineer
Will settle any buildings that are standing in our way —
The modern style, Sir, with respect, has really come to stay.
Roger Helmer MEP

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