Corporate brands start to merge

The Sick Queen...
Of course she is not sick, and if she was, the doctor would visit her, like doctors used to do when I was growing up. The point of her and Kate going to hospital when they feel a bit sick is to make sure everyone else does. It's what the Queen does, it must be ok. (See The Queen is worshipped, people think what's ok for the Queen is ok for the rest of us. They want us all on regular hospital visits for data collecting and tests and more poisons and experimenting. They certainly don't want us thinking we can get better by ourselves, or by using homeopathy, which is what the Queen really uses.


The Lion and The Unicorn...
...appear prominently on the British passport, and elsewhere. In Bath they are carved over entrances to important buildings. The lion is always on the left and the unicorn on the right, and there is a shield (coat of arms) inbetween. Sometimes the lion has a crown, sometimes the unicorn is chained. I wonder if this represents the left and right brain. The left brain is currently king, and the right brain is controlled, shackled, diminished. Access between the two is blocked or limited by the shield. The unicorn has a spiral horn growing out of his third eye, like an antennae. We need to free the unicorn and get rid of the shield. 
 Police strike ballot...
The turnout was too low to give a mandate to the vote. That's interesting! I keep wondering if there is a similar rule for our government elections.... So if enough people don't vote, what happens? They are always encouraging us to vote, why? 
 GPS to track criminals...
Not your doctor sort of GP, though that could be the next stage of course. This is the Marauders Map kicking in. The current tagging systems are insufficient for tracking criminals, we need to know where they are all the time apparently. For the greater good. Now all they need to do is to introduce more laws to make more people criminals, and Hey Presto, they know where nearly all the people are all the time (except for the paedophile elites who have immunity from prosecution, that's where the knighthoods probably come in handy).  
 Corporate branding....
I have noticed for a while that Tescos and Esso have almost the same imagery with their branding, as well as being similar names, Tesso, or Esco. It's the red white and blue of the Union Jack, so they get a mass of free advertising with every national event, the Jubilee, the Olympics etc etc. Now I notice that Nationwide (National Wide?) and perhaps NatWest (National Westminster) are going the same sort of way with their branding, and they have almost the same name too, NatWide, NationWest. There is a sort of convergence going on.  
 Post Natal OCD...
Apparently about 11% of mothers develop OCD after giving birth, cleaning obsessively. Not surprising. They are bombarded with terror stories about germs and diseases that will kill their babies. Their brains have been scrambled. 

Death table...
There is now something called a "world death table". Britain is slipping down it according to the Metro headline. Maybe it's like the school league tables. Except the focus is on death. Lots of death worship. (See
 Phantom phone calls...
A friend of mine was charged £72 by BT for one phone call that she never made! When she tried to complain, they were very aggressive and told her it was her fault, she must have answered an incoming call and then not hung up properly. What! She lives alone and doesn't use the phone much. She phoned the rogue number to check what it was and it was a telesales company. I don't like any of the big utility companies, but the ones labelled BRITISH are the biggest cheats. They prey on the elderly and the trusting, and get them to pay for stuff they didn't use or to sign up for monthly insurance premiums out of fear. Personally I no longer have a home phone and life is not only cheaper, it is more peaceful. 
 Bath Bridges...
Three of the bridges in Bath are named after people we are encouraged to worship. Churchill, Windsor, and Victoria. All sorts of other things, streets, art galleries, parks, are similarly named, which means we end up repeating the names in everyday conversation with our family, friends and neighbours. They also become cosily familiar to us, part of our everyday life. This makes it harder to believe any evil of the famous people that have these names. And we are constantly reinforcing energy towards them.
 The Yeoman of the Guard....
I looked these up because one of them is an Axe Keeper. They perform all sorts of ceremonies that to me seem totally ludicrous. It's to "reinforce our history". As I suspected! It makes everything more fixed. It is the elitist history they are reinforcing. Paid for by us of course, and not only in money terms. It makes the elite more powerful by giving so much energy to their history, giving it more space, time and energy than it should have. It's a bit like having a photo of an event or person. You keep looking at the photo, and over a period of time, the photo becomes more memorable than the actual event or person. The memories in your head get almost overwritten by the photo.  
 Axe and Ak...
The Fosseway runs from Axmouth and Axminster in an almost exact straight line to Lincoln. At an angle of about 1 o clock. Ax is an old spelling of axe. But if you have many axes, you could be talking about an axis. I don't think the Fosseway is just a road. Apparently it divided the conquered and unconquered parts of Britain, but maybe it was also some sort of axis. Bath is on the Fosseway. Bath is Akmancester on old maps. So possibly Ak is also an ax. If you have more than one ak, you have aks, which sounds like axe anyway. Another Roman Road runs from Cirencester to London. It's called Akeman Street. Which could be Axeman Street. And hey ho, it leads to the Axe Man from the Yeoman of the Guard in London.  
 The sun is 12 minutes slow...
I am assuming the sundial on the canal was correctly installed in 2010. If so, it has since lost 12 minutes. The Sun was actually out today, so I checked the time on the sundial. That could be another reason to chemtrail the sky and block the Sun. They don't want us to know that the sundials aren't working any more. 
 Sapphire Rings...
Kate and Diana are the most famous wearers. Then Whitney's daughter Bobbi turns up with one. Now I see that Sharon Osborne has one. And there are little incidents to make sure it is brought to our attention. We know about Bobbi because she didn't wear it at the tribute evening to her mother that she was forced to sit through (she must be seriously controlled to have to do that). Sharon had hers stolen, then it was found 7 year later. Does a sapphire ring signify something? Bobbi's surname is Brown and her fiancé's surname is Gordon. Will she become Gordon-Brown? 
 AA postcodes...
For all those non believers in postcodes as codes.... The Houses of Parliament, ruled by the Queen, is SW1A 0AA. Buckingham Palace, ruled by the Queen, is SW1A 1AA. Edward VII Hospital where the Queen just stayed is W1G 6AA. The Queen is also patron of the Hospital (double meaning here!). Wembley Arena ends in 0AA. I have heard this is owned by the Queen, but I can't find any verification. The AA code makes it much easier to operate computer programs. They just have to label everything correctly, and then all the AA's will automatically get treated a certain way by the programs. It also makes it easy for a trained visitor to interpret things.  
 The Pope and Santa...
The Pope and his team sometimes wear red robes and white trimmings just like Santa. That's the guy that goes into kids bedrooms when they are asleep and alone, and gives them presents if they are good (which means do as you are told). 
 Berth and Death...
Birth could be written berth. B.erth,, It means to become of the earth, that's what happens when we're born into a human body. To be earthed. We come to our berth, our bed on Earth. Death is almost the same as dearth. Death, dearth,, de earth. As you die, you have a dearth, a shortage, of life. "b" and "d" are mirror letters. They remind me of the open quotes (66) and close quotes (99) marks, representing opening and closing of spoken words. The is the opening of your life on earth. The is the closing of your life on earth. It also shows how important it us for us to be connected to the Earth in our human lifetime. 
 Silver solution...
I have discovered that silver does have a use, other than money and jewellry. It was the original anti bacterial treatment before the pharmaceutical antibiotics. It can sanitise water. It is an antiseptic and one source says it can also cure malaria. This is good news for those of us that would like to collect our own water from streams, and reduce our dependency on the tap water supply. The FDA are busy trying to clamp down on such false claims! They don't want us to know do they?  
 New on SuliWrites...
But there will be some more fairly soon. 
I have been busy with other things, like my family and homely sorts of things like growing veg, cooking, and reducing my time on the computer (which feels great), and sorting out my stuff. 
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12 Responses to “Corporate brands start to merge”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thankyou, i loved this, the fringe psychologist edaward de Bono, used to teach lateral thinking, and this is a great example
    well done

  2. Anonymous says:

    The Sun being slow could be a result of the Earth having changed it’s axis slightly over the last few years, that would also explain all the changed weather patterns as well & put the kibosh on the Man-Made “Global Warming/Climate Change” BS.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Regarding the corporate branding.

    In our area in Manchester there are a lot of corner/convenience shops which are trying to copy the ‘Tesco Express’ franchise.

    They are called ‘Tecco Express’ and it’s the same family of asians that are running it. You have to look at the logo twice to see if you are not seeing things.

    The typeface/font is the same as the Tesco Express logo and is the same colour in blue too. The five little red lines under each letter are the same too.

    I can see what they are doing though. There’s practically a Tesco Express everywhere now and the merger with Esso a few years ago was a shrewd move to bypass the licensing laws on a Sunday (for instance) when someone needs a loaf of bread or some milk etc. at night when all the other shops have shut at 4/5pm.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Another point I wanted to make about Tesco in addition to the above.

    You wouldn’t believe how much land Tesco owns undeveloped. Tesco have monolithic amounts of cash now (not quite as much as Wal*Mart/Asda) and that’s why you see so many Tesco supermarkets/Tesco Expresses. They have their fingers in everything from pet insurance, loans, credit cards etc. as people full well know.

    The whole point of owning the undeveloped land is to stop rival supermarkets moving in to prime areas.Deals will be done with councils, if necessary, to secure land. A small village with a Tesco Express can put many local shops out of business. Deals are done with local pharmacies too to buy them out so that Tesco can put a pharmacy inside there shop. Our local pharmacy sold out to Tesco years ago and, no kidding, he is now driving a Ferrari.

    The last thing Tesco want is an Asda or Morrisons opposite them.

    It’s just one big game of Monopoly to Tesco.

  5. Well done for reducing computer time. I manage that sometimes and it does feel good. But when I glimpse the laptop lying around I suddenly notice withdrawal symptoms and have to use it.

    Have used colloidal silver for a few years and have avoided antibiotics. In German hospitals silver powder is used for newborns and mothers with excellent results.

    Can confirm that OCD can occur in post natal phase.

  6. Anonymous says:

    One aspect not mentioned is that particularly tesco uses food products grown on stolen palestinian land, lok for the code bar prefix 729 if it starts with that, many churches are now saying dont but it.
    I belive aldi is the only reputeable supermarket who wont buy illegal produce

  7. Anonymous says:

    @ Anon 10:48

    ”tesco uses food products grown on stolen palestinian land,”

    Yep. The owners of Tesco is the reason why I don’t shop there anymore. Tesco’s food is shabby, overpriced, and there are better places to shop.

    And I’m certainly not funding illegal wars/mass-genocide with Palestine by shopping at Tesco’s.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Seen a lot of Tesco shops but didn’t see the pyramid. Guess the capstones/pyramids are slowly but surely showing their faces. LOL

  9. Tapestry says:

    Yes it was kind of them to add the pyramid so we are in no doubt as to their globalist/elitist intentions. The particular Tesco in the pic seems to be in Slovakia if I am any judge of the language. Any other suggestions as to where it is?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Quote: ”The particular Tesco in the pic seems to be in Slovakia if I am any judge of the language. Any other suggestions as to where it is?

    England/UK? I don’t know.

    Welcome to the decentralized/non-bordered/EU state that we live in. Tesco have certainly monopolized on the chaotic economic climate the UK resides in.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Glad someone else has noticed the difference in the position of the sun. I lived on a perfect south facing position, and I noticed the sun to be further west in its trajectory for the hour of the day. My friend also noticed this with his sundial, which being a bit of an amateur astronomer, had aligned it precisely as a working tool and not just a garden ornament.

    We noticed the change around 2008, which incidentally was when the massive chemtrailing begun.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Hey now, Jack Cohen’s little outlet sells only the best re date stamped Dobbin. The most ethical of supermarkets, just you wait until the time comes where there is no other option but to shop there, and if Tessa or Jack dont like the look of you, your credits simply wont be accepted.

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