Child abuse. Take to the streets.

Can you also post that many will be promoting the Twitter hashtag #Paedobritain on the 28th of March. 

It can be a show of the power of social media to force real justice for CSA survivors. 


Press Release
For immediate release: 25/03/13
Join the Dots, see the bigger picture & demand an end to child abuse
Photo opportunity:
The Join the Dots campaign is holding a demonstration at 1pm on Llywyn Isaf, Wrexham on Sunday 21st April to send a message to the council showing our disapproval at their decision not to release the ‘Jillings Report’. We also want to send a message to the people of the UK urging them to join the dots and see the bigger picture on organised child abuse. This will be the start of on-going national Join The Dots events.
We believe it is clear there have been many cover ups of child abuse both locally and nationally, and we urge the people of the UK to start demanding answers as to why so many chances were missed and investigations closed down. The current crop of investigations which came in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal and Tom Watson’s awkward questions in Parliament, have been branded by survivors of abuse and many commentators as a continuation of the decades long cover up.
Here are a few hints from politicians which start to illustrate the scope and involvement in the industrial abuse of our children.
On February 19th this year Edwina Currie stated on Twitter that there was and is a cover up, she also named Chester MP Peter Morrison as a ‘noted pederast’ in her autobiography.
This piece is essential reading for everyone and includes a direct message to you, the press.
“I was raising in Parliament against Mrs Thatcher the Kincora Boys Home, where boys were being abused and MI5 was filming because they were hoping to be able to blackmail senior politicians in Northern Ireland”
Ken Livingstone – Radio 4, The Whole Show, Nov 2012
We believe the people of the UK should be demanding answers to why the most vulnerable in our society have been abused by some of the supposedly most respectable in our society.
Notes for Editors
·         Join the Dots is a new campaign group made up of survivors of and campaigners against child abuse.
·         We have several media representatives, including one local, available for interview anytime.
·         We intend this to be the first of many actions locally and nationally and ask for your support in helping us achieve large numbers by giving us a platform.
Name: Jamie Barlow      Tel: 01978 313689  (Wrexham)
Name: Sheva Burton    Tel: 01293 279076  (London)
Join the Dots
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Can you also post that many will be promoting the Twitter hashtag #Paedobritain on the 28th of March. It can be a show of the power of social media to force real justice for CSA survivors. Thanks,

  2. Anonymous says:

    The paedophiles and freemasons will be after them no doubt.

  3. Anonymous says:

    There is much talk that this is just anti-semitism, we have too much of this at the moment.

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