child abuse investigations. how many ‘operations’ do they need? Not one of them finds anything much. Jimmy Savile’s not the only one protected by the ‘system’.

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a list of police investigations into child abuse, there may be others not on this list.

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Stephen Messham accused Lord MacAlpine but then retracted.  His pictures were ‘lost’ by an ‘enquiry’.

TAP – how many so-called ‘operations’ do they need?  If a hundred get nowhere, maybe we need to realise something.  They are intended not to get anywhere.
Most of these links have been severed.  Funny that.

operation algebra –

Operation Alpine –

opearation appal –

Operation Arundel – child sex abuse inquiry which led to conviction of TV personality Jonathan King

ooperaqtion artemis –…-a0316387846

operation bullfinch

operation camel –

Operation Captura –

Operation Care –

operationcathedral –

operatioin crossbow –

Operation DoorKnock –

Operation Douglas – West Yorkshire –

Operation Fairbank –

Operation Fernbridge –

operation glenlivet –

Operation globe

Operation Goldfinch

operation grand canal

Operation Granite

Operation Hedgerow –

operation Kern

operation landmark

operation magenta –

operation mansfield –[/url]

Operation Montreal

Operation Ore –

operation ornament –

operation overview –

Operation Pallial

operation pheonix –

Operation Planet

operation racecourse –

Operation Rescue –

Operation Rectangle

operation retriever

operation ribbon –

Operation Rose –

Operation Tempsford

Operation Tharsley –[/url] [url]

operation triumph –

Operation Yewtree –

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6 Responses to “child abuse investigations. how many ‘operations’ do they need? Not one of them finds anything much. Jimmy Savile’s not the only one protected by the ‘system’.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The mainstream press/TV/radio are totally complicit in this massive cover-up.

    Yes, they’ll report it for a few days (a watered-down version at best). Then it’s back to who’s won the X-Factor/dancing on shite/or which football player or celebrity has done this or that… tha’ts not ‘news’, it’s distraction and garbage journalism designed to sell tomorrow’s chip wrapper.

  2. The author left out one Operation in that list – “Operation Cover-up”. An operation the system works so well.

  3. Paul says:

    It is called Operation Confuse and Distract… that is why.

  4. why was my comment removed?

  5. Tapestry says:

    If I did, it was an error. Please resubmit, Andrew. Sometimes comments don’t make it. I see them in my email copy, but they don’t arrive at the blog. That suggests there is occasionally possible interference, or that the system is not bomb-proof.

    On this thread I only saw three comments earlier. There are three now.

  6. Anonymous says:

    three more for the list

    Operation Cleopatra…nues_1_1777792

    Operation Span…ester-17853560

    Operation Starlight…rticleid=35491

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