Bees do well in towns, villages and cities

Anonymous said…
Hi Tap,

This article about radio waves getting rid of Bees is not true.

If it were true, the bees in the Countryside should be OK and the bees near population would have CCD.

This is the opposite of the truth.

The truth is the bees have been poisoned by genetically modified plants in the Countryside.

Because, bees do well in Villages, Towns and Cities, where the majority of mobile phones are.

This, is why the bees leave pounds of honey and fly away, they realize the contamination is on their feet,and they have walked it all over the hive.

They have reached the maximum poison they can stand, and fly off to find a better place to live.

TAP –  The use of various chemicals/pesticides in agriculture would fit this scenario as well as genetically modified organisms.  However, the fact is that bees are affected by EMFs as the video shows.  Maybe they navigate around the mobile hotspots.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    and dont forget the established properties of chemtrailing on the bee population

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