autism costs UK £34 billion annually. Who pays?

TAP – 1 in 100 UK children develop autism.  Boys at a higher rate than girls, with boys around 1 in 80.  Vaccination has to be high on the list of causes.  Vaccines also cause deaths of children, yet these are covered up as ‘cot death’, or the parents are blamed, even prosecuted, accused of ‘shaken baby syndrome’.   The autistic 1% of children costs the country about 5% of all government spending.  These costs are born by the taxpayer and by the parents.  The profits all go to Smithkline and the rest.  Any association with death, disorders and disabilities are denied, and of course sterilisation.

Will New Changes to Autism Diagnosis Leave Your Child in

 the Cold While Filling Big Pharma’s Pockets?

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Will the new change in diagnosing autism fill Big Pharma's pockets?

Will the new change to autism diagnoses fill Big Pharma’s pockets?
Changes in the new DSM 5 for the criteria of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) could mean a high percentage of children currently diagnosed with autism, as per the DSM 4, could lose their diagnosis. Professionals are worried that the change in criteria will put many autistic children at considerable risk.
Age of Autism reported that Dr. Allan Frances, the psychiatrist who headed the development of the current DSM 4, is concerned that the new changes could cause children currently diagnosed with the condition to lose their health insurance, school placement, Medicaid and other services when theDiagnostic and Statistical Manual, Fifth Edition(DSM5) is published by the American Psychiatric Association in May. [1]


Due to a rise in the numbers of children currently diagnosed with autism, the cost to the government is considerable. According to Autism Speaks, the world’s leading autism science and advocacy organization, research has shown that the annual cost of autism had tripled to a whopping $126 billion in the USA and £34 billion in the UK last year. 

Autism Speaks stated:
“The costs of providing care for each person with autism affected by intellectual disability through his or her lifespan are $2.3 million in the U.S. and £1.5 million ($2.4 million) in the U.K. The lifetime costs of caring for individuals who are not impacted by intellectual disability are $1.4 million in the U.S. and £917,000 in the U.K. (equivalent to $1.46 million).” [2]
Bob Wright, the co-founder of Autism Speaks, announced in a press release last year that autism is a global public health crisis. He stated that the costs are staggering and will continue to rise as its prevalence continues to increase. He said:
“We know that early diagnosis and treatment are critical, so it is imperative that the U.S. and governments around the world step up their commitment to helping people living with autism today. The investment we make now is essential to reducing the long-term costs of autism.” [2]
Changing the criteria for diagnosis in the new DSM 5 is one way to cut costs, but it will severely affect the lives of thousands of families. Many children with autism will not only lose their diagnosis but their educational provisions, healthcare and relevant medical services, while their symptoms and needs will not change.

Dr Andrew Wakefield on the trail of the causes of autism.  Genetic differences causing bowel disease in autistic children.  Are they getting closer to a cure?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Want to know what my gut instinct says?

    I think the MMR jab was a chemical weapon to debilitate a generation of young males. Smiling assasin Tony B.Liar wouldnt admit if his own kids had been done, and lets face it, old Miranda the peace envoy would do anything for his master if the price was right.

    Having worked in the care industry, specialising in autistic spectrum disorder, the glaring fact is that the vast percentage of victims are boys. Caucasian boys.

    Now tying in with some other threads that the there has been and still is a very concentrated attack on the Causcasian peoples, especially those of Celtic extraction (the real semites perhaps?), what better way to destable any future generations than take out the males, whilst of course importing lots of lovely Africans to take their place, along with a very apparent propaganda and assimilation project by the media?

    Genocide can take many forms, and I dont think there is anyone out there (who has at least a part working brain ?!!?) would deny that the massed immigration and very pro race mixing propaganda (but only white women with African males) is working to an agenda. Nearly every advert, programme and picture printed in the media promotes race mixing.

    And whilst I have no issue with people falling in love and procreating with whoever, I do have a problem with it being a deliberate policy of the dual nationalists we have in charge who encourage our demise while they themselves marry and breed within their own race and culture.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Anon 7.53 pm, What absolute common sense, true in every case.
    In the UK, just look over the last 20 years, all promoted by our Dual Nationality MP’s.
    Nothing our MP’s have said or done has looked after the electors, who elected them.
    It’s the demise of this Country.
    Even the next Jewish PM has been to the Bilderberger gang hut.

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