Australia to confiscate bank accounts at three years unused, previously seven.

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Bank account confiscation arrives in the EU – Cypr…“:

Anonymous, there are things you can do. You can detach from the system,
bit by bit, stop propping it up. You have to work out your own way….

This Cyprus story is part of the future hoax. We think money, or even numbers
in banks, are worth something to us. But all they are is a promise of something
in the future. Something you may never get. And look who’ s making the promise!
The banks! Do you trust their promises? We are persuaded to swap our labour
today for a future promise. Over and over again.

A smaller scale example is gift vouchers. People buy gift vouchers for presents.
The shop, or corporation more likely, gets the money up front in exchange for
no goods whatsoever. You could lose the gift voucher, it could expire, or the
shop might close down. And then you have nothing in return.

I think one way out of this is to cut down use of money. Do direct exchanges or
share more with those around you. Live in the present, not the future. Money
enslaves us, Jesus was against the money lenders for a very good reason,
he did not want to see humanity enslaved.

In my view, there is no monetary mechanism that works. Because money
equates to buying people.

See my post

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Julia has left a new comment on your post
Bank account confiscation arrives in the EU – Cypr…“:

The Australian government is poised to steal bank accounts that have not
been used for 3 years after rushing through new legislation. Apparently it
used to be 7 years. That’s interesting, I didn’t know there was ANY rule
that said governments could claim unused bank accounts.

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