Attempted Arrest of Canadian genocide perpetrator on video

” ITCCS Citizens Arrest Warrant for Peter Montague” The Rainbow Warrior Speaks from Hope Studios on Vimeo.

” ITCCS Citizens Arrest Warrant for 

Peter Montague” 

The Rainbow Warrior Speaks

What is happening world wide with the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State is important to me as the faithkeeper of the Land of Peace, and to the world. It is an action that supercedes federal law and crumbles the corporate governemt, the corporate agenda and the bottom line. My efforts and support is whole-heartedly behind the actions of Rev. Kevin Annett and the men and women working as one around the world getting results where the judiciary, government and the legal system who are in collusion, will be forced again to police each other. This action of ITCCS by all legal definitions supercedes federal law and finally we have an authority with clout acting on behalf of a hurt and suffering people that can barely defend themselves.
Rev.Joshua JD Lemmens
The Rainbow Warrior Speaks
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