Are they bumping off homeless single men?

TAP – Notice two government interventions just prior to this death, and the yet unexplained death of another man in the same locality.  Can you read anything between the lines?  Were not circumstances deliberately brought about which made death a likely outcome for this individual?  That was called murder in my day.

Homeless man Daniel Gauntlett dies frozen on doorstep of empty bungalow in Aylesford

Homesless Daniel Gauntlett died outside this bungalow in Hermitage Lane, Aylesford
Homesless Daniel Gauntlett died outside this bungalow in Aylesford
by Chris Hunter
A tarpaulin, a pillow, a dirty old jacket, a carrier bag and a few worthless items strewn over the veranda of a boarded-up bungalow.
This is where homeless Daniel Gauntlett tried to find shelter through a bitterly cold winter and where, on a freezing night on Saturday, he finally succumbed to the cold.
Mr Gauntlett, 35, was found the next morning by a passer-by who spotted his body from the pavement.
His belongings still left where he died, residents in Hermitage Lane, Aylesford, reacted with sadness to the news and said Mr Gauntlett had become a familiar sight in the street.Homesless Daniel Gauntlett died outside a bungalow in Hermitage Lane, Aylesford
And they said the sadness was compounded by the fact he died outside an empty bungalow due to be bulldozed.
Police had reportedly been called previously after he tried to break into the bungalow. And so Mr Gauntlett, had taken the fatal decision to abide by the law.
Derek Bailey, 80, who lives next door, said Mr Gauntlett had not appeared to be in ill health.
“They took him up to the hospital about a fortnight before when they’d found him and social workers got involved,” said Mr Bailey.
“It was just the bitter weather. I know a lot about cold weather because I was in the Canadian army. I’ve known it drop to minus 70 but the trouble with this country is the dampness.”
Bitter conditions saw snowfall across the county on Saturday night, with temperatures of -2C exacerbated by windchill.
Another resident said: “He was a very nice man apparently. He used to ask for money but not for drink. He used to buy pasties from the supermarket.
“It was so sad. Especially when the houses are empty.”
An inquest was opened and adjourned on yesterday and confirmed the cause of death was hypothermia.
Mr Gauntlett was the second homeless man to die in Aylesford last weekend.
Douglas Poynton, 45, of no fixed address, died at Forstal Cottages in Forstal Road, on Saturday. The precise medical cause of death is yet to be established.
Thursday, February 28 2013

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2 Responses to “Are they bumping off homeless single men?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    A lot of homeless men die from alcohol (and possibly other narcotic substances) withdrawals.

    The figures are skyrocketing too (partly because of the economic climate) but the MSM/government are not telling.

    Whatever bad circumstances come your way, it’s all too easy to turn to booze. If you are homeless then your best friend can all too easily become the bottle (or whatever ‘fix’ you can get hold of). You just want to find somewhere to ‘live’ like an empty house/bungalow/a side-street under cardboard boxes and spend what money/trade your possessions for booze.

    Problem is, you eventually run out of money but the withdrawals kick in: the sweats, agitation, shakes, convulsions, then more often than not death through heart failure. The Police turn up and it’s just another case of a homeless man drunk. End of story.

    The state will look after women and give them all the benefits under the sun but on condition that the state becomes the ‘father’. This is exactly what is happening again just like communist Russia. CPS/social services keep an eye on things just like the Stazi of Russia. The man of the family either works himself to the bone to provide, or end up splitting up from the family and homeless. This is being done by design. And once the state has control of the kids, we all know what happens next don’t we?

    I’ve got this information first hand from several people that work in the substance abuse industry. And I’ve been homeless/living on the streets myself. Once you hit rock-bottom you prey you don’t wake up the next morning. It’s one hell of a hole to dig your way out of too should you decide to remain among the living too.

  2. Julia says:

    Thnks for the interesting comment from your own experience, Anonymous.

    The thing that jumps out at me from this article is that no one need be homeless. Why couldn’t he live in the bungalow? Noone else was. There was an empty home, and there was a man without a home. The crazy but acceptable way in which society behaves is to say the homeless man can’t have an empty unused home.
    I am sure there is enough housing to go round. I am sure they don’t need to build any new homes. It’s the stupid rules that get in the way.
    Why is it a crime for a homeless man to sleep in an empty disused bungalow? How warped has our society become.

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