All the NHS had to do, was keep schtumm and oblige Sir Jimmy with the odd body….

If Twitter speculation is to believed, talk of Savile’s alleged necrophilia is nothing new.
The social networking site is abuzz with the suggestion that necrophiliac and paedophile character Freddy Royle in Irvine Welsh’s 1996 work Ecstasy was based on Savile.
Welsh, 54, gave credence to those claims by retweeting the speculation by several users on the spooky similarities between the character and Savile. 
One user retweeted by Welsh, Edgar Blamm, said: “Again, I would ask that you check out @WelshIrvine’s novella ‘Ecstasy’. Accurate savile caricature. In 1996.”
Another, Dean Gilfillan, tweeted: “Going to have to jump on the Freddy Royle/Jimmy SaVILE bandwagon…”
Welsh also retweeted a message from columnist Suzanne Moore asking who Freddy Royle is based on.
Ecstasy is a collection of three short narratives; in the first, “Lorraine Goes to Livingston”, Freddy Royle was a chat-show host and “distinguished friend” at St Hubbin’s Hospital.
In one passage, Welsh writes: “The thing was, Freddy brought millions of pounds into the place with his fund-raising activities. This brought kudos to the trustees, and made St Hubbin’s Hospital a flagship for the arm’s-length trusts from the NHS. All they had to do was keep schtumm and indulge Sir Freddy with the odd body.”
And another description of Royle says: “Freddy was finding it hard to maintain steady breathing. He examined the corpse. She’s bain a roight pretty un n arl, he rasped in his Somerset drawl, – caar accident oi presumes?”
Welsh has not confirmed that his character was based on Savile.

From Darren Williams –

on Saturday 16th March 2013, I had a very interesting Twitter
exchange with millionaire award-winning Author Irvine Welsh.
In these Tweets, I responded that Welsh should come out with the truth on what he
actually knows about the activities of Sir Jimmy Savile due to this article that directly
connects Welsh.
I managed to get Welsh to reveal more than he has ever done so far on this subject.
TAPnot much – only that he was told about Savile’s activities by an NHS nurse, so it was clearly no secret within the NHS.  The fact is he brought millions in donations to Stoke Mandeville, and was again untouchable, whatever he was doing, and was known to be doing.
The pressure applied meant that Welsh had to Retweet some information I had sent him during  the exchange around the work of Bill Maloney.
Irvine Welsh has over 64,000 Followers, so it got some new people aware of the amazing work of Bill Maloney.
Welsh currently lives the life of luxury in-between Chicago & Miami.
To read the Twitter Exchange between Welsh & myself on 16th March, please read:
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2 Responses to “All the NHS had to do, was keep schtumm and oblige Sir Jimmy with the odd body….”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Walsh must have known what was going on, I would suggest that it was common knowledge amoung the elites of the arts world.

    I suspect the anon. nurse source is a red herring…who knows who really told him?

    By saying ‘a nurse told me’ is he hiding his true source?

    Infact, ‘a nurse told me’ sounds at bit like ‘the dog ate my homework’, to me…

  2. Anonymous says:

    The thing is the dead wont tell anyone what mr saville has done to them, the dead can keep secrets and Rupert Murdoch and the BBC will keep uncle jimmys too

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