48,000 children in India paralysed by Bill Gates polio vaccine

Bill Gates waffles in reply to a journalist’s question quoting 48,000 Indian children paralysed.  He doesn’t deny the figure.

 ‘Is the vaccination program in fact a eugenics program?’  – he is asked.

 He explains how he believes in withdrawing care from old people as it’s too expensive, and he prefers to fund education, and vaccination instead.  Hello Liverpool Care Pathway.

The vaccines he distributes have also been shown to be causing the very diseases they are intended to prevent.  Richard Branson and Ewen McGregor are publicly supporting his campaign, resulting in mass paralysis of children in India and Chad.

The human abattoir is run by smiling, nice-looking people saying very nice words.

Shame they’re mass murderers.

from davidicke.com


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