21st April Millions worldwide to march against child abuse


Hi Tap,

My name is Jamie and I am writing to you on behalf of Cross of Change. We are a group made up of survivors and campaigners with no political or religious agendas and we are planning two days of action in April and we would really appreciate support from you and your blog. This could be as simple as mentioning it in a post or getting behind it any other way. We have approached your blog because it is one of the best out there exposing this at the moment and we know you have a wide and large audience. We feel we should all be working together right now as this is a fantastic chance to make progress while these issues are still in the public consciousness.

We are still in the planning stages, but the London events are a definite and we are also considering simultaneous events in North Wales and other places where abuse cover ups have happened. Other ideas included a touring protest round the homes and councils and BBC offices. We would appreciate anyone’s input or suggestions on these decisions.
We can be contacted via the Facebook group, the blog or via email
The release written by Sheva is as follows:-
14th April  – Flashmob in London and Prayer in Bradford
21st April – Millions March Against Child Abuse – Worldwide
BE THE VOICE – Flashmob Central London ~ 14th April ~ to align with The Innocent Revolution (Global day to end child abuse, link below) ‘You are the VOICE’ by John Farnham. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oawfn73Va6M
Also on the 14th – Our Children, Our Future, Our Responsibility: prayer/meditation day, Bradford/onlinehttps://www.facebook.com/events/515209045185529/
MILLIONS MARCH AGAINST CHILD ABUSE ~ UK/21st & USA 22nd (see other page)
Please get on-board, we need help to demonstrate the power of our voices, stories, creativity, needs. Join, Join in, Co create events with us, or separately, but let’s link them up. Let’s help remove the stigma so that survivors of child rape, can be supported & helped, through awareness, we remove opportunities for predators, the system has badly let children down, We all need to help fix it. E.g. 60% of children taken into care are from innocent parents, deemed a risk, BECAUSE THEY WERE ABUSED in childhood! 30% within the ‘care’ system!
Local groups let us know & we’ll set up a page for you, (own logo, if preferred with red dot) to coordinate events, and cross pollenate. This is to help build, promote ALL APRIL events. A separate page is linked to build marches, walks rallies/vigils on 21st April. We have people in Wales, Ireland, London, so far forming events, we will update with more concrete details as we can.

JOIN THE DOTS to reverse the subliminal green light, (NSPCC button) RED BUTTONS – THE REAL FULLSTOP also

21st April a Million Marching against Child Abuse UK wide

https://www.facebook.com/groups/123328360815/ or like our page, scroll down, on the rt of this blog. message us if you would like to be an admin apart from the million marching, globally, there is also The Innocence Revolution, a global day of action to end abuse, 14th April, which you may like to join in with, if you can raise an event for the day, this site will put yours on the global map. https://www.facebook.com/groups/theinnocencerevolution/ 


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