Tiger Woods, like Britney, is a mind control slave

Tiger, barely able to walk, is already a proficient golfer aged 2.  Here on TV with Bob Hope.

I believe without doubt that Bob Hope was a handler for Mk slaves.

Remember him bringing a two year old Tiger woods on to his show showing us his golfing skills? This is the elite showing and telling us they were going to make him a world champion proving how good they are at producing mind control slaves with excellent skills.

CNN –  Toddler at the tee

Golf is a lifelong passion for Woods, who started playing about the time he started walking.
By the time young Woods was walking, his father had already introduced him to the game of golf. He shot a 48 on a nine-hole course by the age of 2.
In 1978, the toddler prodigy appeared on “The Mike Douglas Show” in a putting contest with comedian Bob Hope.

I watched an interesting documentary about Tiger Woods where his best friend was explaining how the closest person to him was actually hypnotising him to produce perfect shots, very interesting.

Then he went ‘crazy’ for a while as he tried to break free just like Britney Spears did.  Every music video and every film always shows the black and white squares of masonry.  

Spears with another controller

Every ‘entertainer’ is actually a mind control slave,remember britney,timberlake and christine agularia (wrong spelling)were all in the disney club which is called the 33 club,all kids,all controlled, all going through a real living hell.  

Kids watch them and want to be them thinking they live beautiful cool lives,when in fact they are High class prostitutes, pimped out to the highest bidders in the world yet totally unaware of the fact, until the programming starts to break down.

Our world is in big trouble.

Paul McPike 

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  1. delboy says:

    You are bang on the money mate, is our solution the OPPT ?(ONE PEOPLES PUBLIC TRUST) Reclaiming our power?

  2. always the black and white tiled flooring
    and then there’s the child catcher in chitty bang bang
    maybe they ment shitty bang bang up the
    all these celebs are controlled sex slaves
    just like our politicians are all controlled pedo’s
    welcome to the pedeocracy

  3. Anonymous says:

    Regarding Tiger [grrrrrrrr] Woods, I never knew there were so many porno/Playboy ‘stars’ until the gutter press/mainstream media started reporting who Tiger [grrrrrrr] Woods had ‘relationships’ with.

    Does make you wonder where he found the time to play 18 holes. Or should that be 2 holes and a mouth.

    Oh dear. I apologize for my vulgarity.

  4. wasp says:

    Paul McPike, He sure was, a Top Papal Knight, & Jesuit Coadjutor

    Read the Stuff I have Posted on Bob Hope, why don’t you. He was also knocking off Marlin Monroe, but Norma Jean Mortenson was a Jew.
    We see here the Classic, Jew / Jesuit Link. The. Controller always being in The Shadows.

    I am taking a rest from Blogging for a couple of Days. I left you a comment on The Letter you posted Tap, some days ago.
    I am surprised there weren’t more Comments on such an Important Issue.

    I will look out Information on who were, & who are MONARCH SLAVES.

    I was quite surprised to find that a book I bought many years ago on Mind Control, is now selling for $500 – $600. I am not too sure that I still have it though.

    REGARDS ………………… WASP

  5. Anonymous says:

    Take it easy WASP. 🙂

    The trolls will have to find someone else to harass.

    Best Regards.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Tigre Woods, Barry Soetero and that useless racing driver who despite the massive ammount of publicity in comparisson to his team mates, is a menace on the track. Is it me or do they all look alike and get undue press attention?

    Is there an agenda here?..is this the ideal human of the NWO?..while they remain pure only reproducing within their own bloodlines and culture?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Unless someone can suggest otherwise, I would say ‘Britney Spears’ is a Trade name, and not her real name.
    With all the education, elocution, training and experience, I would say she is an actor as well.
    The farce about her cutting off her hair, when she wears a wig anyway.
    The farce about her going into rehab, was so she could spend time with her Husband and family.
    Its all a SHOW folks, it’s NOT REAL.

  8. Anonymous says:

    @ Anon 9:21 pm

    Britney is MKUltra with a cherry on top:


    The latest song with Will-I-Am and her fake English accent should ring alarm bells. The poor girl is blasted out of her mind.

    Sadly, so many pop stars have ‘handlers’ and are controlled by the ‘entertainment’ industry.

    Every now and again though somebody stands up to these tyrants:


  9. Anonymous says:

    The beautiful but crazy Lindsay Lohan is also totally controlled
    several internet sites show this,
    the israeli handlers of many hollywood stars can be ruthless, such as in the death of Natalie Wood who kept talking about the abuse

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