The Moonarch

Duchy Dutchy...
It has always puzzled me why Holland has so many names. Holland, The Netherlands, and the people are Dutch, not Hollish or Netherlandal (which sounds like Neanderthal!). They seem to have a similar set of honorary titles to the British, Queens and Kings etc. Maybe Dutch implies that Holland is a Duchy of the British Crown.

I heard someone talking about how he used to forecast sales when he worked for GEC. Because the shareholders demanded the forecasts. And the share dealings were dependent on the forecasts. The share prices were influenced by the forecasts, not the actual sales themselves. But then the sales had to live up to the forecasts, and so the pressure was on to meet the targets. And the pressure was on to forecast high targets to boost the shares. Then the company has to recruit people who can meet targets. So then the schools and universities start to train the kids that way so they can get the jobs, and so it goes on. Everything living more and more into the future, and us constantly playing catch up at increasingly frantic speed. (See

Who writes this? There must be billions of pages, and it's all written in the same sort of style. My guess is it's written by computer.I think a program trawls the Internet for any references to a subject, then mashes them all together and spits out the result, having first filtered it for anything that's not allowed to be said. Wikipedia is rapidly becoming the replacement news feed, and it's creating our thinking. Watch out!  

The A to Z...
The Knights Templar sometimes used a simple encryption of replacing each letter with the letter the same distance from the opposite end of the alphabet. A and Z are swapped. So are B and Y. Etc. So the phrase "A to Z" sums up their encryption. The A-Z maps are coincidentally quite revealing in how they lay out the streets. It's easy to spot shapes. They also emphasise some insignificant buildings and leave out mention of important ones. I think there is more to the A to Z maps than just a map.  

Past Lives...
I have been looking at past life regression. It seems that traumas in previous lives, as well as childhood traumas, can have serious knock on effects on us. So if we are constantly subjected to brutal killing and other traumas in previous lives, we will all be carrying around quite a lot of accumulated damage. And maybe that's why the elite want us all killed off and dying in not very nice ways.... to create more traumatised souls, easier to program and mess up next time round.  

Truth seekers and Christians...
There are thousands of different branches of Christianity, created because people fell out and disagreed over The Truth. In today's Truth seeking world, which has both Christians and non-Christians, people are falling out and disagreeing, casting doubt on others, accusing others of betraying the movement, and often disputing the truth. It's the same repeating pattern! Surely the original Christians started off as "Truth Seekers"! You can see where it's all heading. As well as seeking the Truth, people seem to want to belong to a group of "like minded" people. Personally, I think we all have our own individual versions of the Truth according to where we are at in our own lives. (See 

The Arch...
The Dossiers Secrets is supposedly information on the Priory of Sion, dated 1967. One of the things it mentions is that there are 27 commanderies of the Priory, and one "Arch", called Bethania, to join and oversee the others. That's interesting! Been wondering about this word "arch". It confirms my suspicion that the Monarch, Moon.arch, is joining us to the Moon. The controlling power of the Moon is being delivered through the Monarchy.  

John Scott adds -  Talking of 'Arch', all of the HAARP technology is owned by a company called 'ARCO', which brings to mind the 'archons'...and which, in turn, is owned by...Queen Elizabeth II ! Of course, the Vatican owns all of the NAZI, oops pardon, NASA search of 'arch'-Angel or inter-galactic archetonic angles ?

The radio...
I have seen several things recently highlighting that radio is the worlds biggest media. Isn't it great? 6 billion people, even poor ones without basic necessities such as food, are really very lucky that they have been given radios to listen to and have their minds programmed by. I guess this has been helped along by our generous Western charities. Only 1 billion people left to reach. 

TAP - You see people living on the street here in the Philippines using tablets.  They can't hang on to money here.  They spend what they get, assuming it's the last chance they will get to have any money.  'Millionaires for a day. Sacrifice for a year' is the saying.  It's very hard for someone with western mentality to understand it. 

King Carlos...
...of Spain has a whole list of horrors to his name. He is the current King of Jerusalem. He is a Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM). He is Duke of Brabant (in Belgium, where Godfrey of Bath and Jerusalem came from). He is King of Seville. (same name lineage as Savile). He is probably father of Prince William. He is descended from Queen Victoria. He is Grand Master of the Royal Order of the Golden Fleece, which has a symbol of a lamb being hung from its stomach, Knights Templar style.  

Isaac Newton...
One of his main interests was alchemy, and he could supposedly transform lead into gold. No wonder he was knighted. And maybe that explains all the lead thievery from churches and houses last year. 

TAP - can you send me the formula please

Hearing problems...

There are new hearing shops popping up everywhere, soon to catch up with opticians. We have got used to vast numbers of people having deficient sight as normal. Bad hearing is next on the list to be normalised. First you get sent for tests, then you are told your hearing is not quite right. Never mind they can fix you up with a hearing aid, preferably remote controlled, so the sound waves can be intercepted and controlled on the way to your brain. Next stage is the easy, local anaesthetic, operation to replace body parts. They are already doing this with ears and eyes. This means they can transmit other signals to your brain via the replacement eye and ear parts.  

Bath bats...
Before the work began to infill the mines, 10 miles of tunnels had to be carefully built, to make the mines safe to work in, and also as somewhere for the bats to live. They have filled in some of them. I wonder how many miles of newly constructed, safe tunnels are still usable to those that have the key to the carefully hidden Mine Shaft?  

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3 Responses to “The Moonarch”

  1. Road_Hog says:

    Targets, I am not a great lover of targets, because they become something that must be reached and that the service gets forgotten.

    At my old company, we used to have a phrase, KPIs breed lies, KPI being key performace indicators.

    The following is a true story and is what happens when you become slaves to a target. A hospital had a target to meet of patients not being left on trollies in ward corridors.

    So, they made all the trollies have removeable wheels, so that once the wheels had been taken off, they were no longer classed a strollies, but then became beds.

  2. Anonymous says:

    When I was working targets were always something to wave at as they went past.

  3. Anonymous says:

    And the reason why you believe in past lives is? Don’t we have enough of this new age BS riding piggy back on the truth movement?
    And your post modern belief in truth relativism? Please it’s all part of the agenda to drive us away from the real objective truth.

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