Religion is control

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This Pope ‘scandal’ is all part of the New World Order plan.

Christianity – churches closing turned into mosques, and in general, lack of faith

Islam – demonized in the name of ‘terrorism’… the real terrorists being government and their elite handlers (see:

Catholism – racked with child molesting scandals and covered up time after time.

Judaism – the mere thought of abjection is classed as ‘anti-semetic’.

Religion is a control mechanism and is just divide and rule.

The ultimate goal is one world order/one world religion/one world currency/one world army-police force.


Keep your eye on the ball.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Britian is being set up for a civil war, which is why all these foreigners were brought in by our jewbanker masters, watch for english versus muslims, I am an englishman and muslims are NOT our enemy, its the jews who run the show.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Interesting comment, a former colleague and friend was a BNP member, not so much interested in race but in what he viewed to be the only political party at the time fighting establishment corruption, but after the deliberate publishing of members details by in house moles, and the subsequent obsession with Muslims, he left the party citing his reason as they had become a one issue party and friend of israel. Controlled opposition as he put it which latterly was always asking him for funds.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, The IRS payments in America go straight to the City of London.
    The City of London is a Tax Free Country and a Crown Corporation.
    The IRS was the method of payment agreed by the American Government and the Crown agents, after the Civil War, which made Americans Free, a joke of course.
    We pay Taxes because we are still Wage Slaves.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Consider why California is banning home church meetings but is quite happy to see you go to fallen apostate mega church.
    True christianity is the emeny of the state and only real christians will face persecution from the system of the beast as foretold in revelations.

  5. Unknown says:

    Anon 1 is spot on as is Anon 3.

    Our income taxes go straight to the IMF.

    Ever wonder why they call it a tax return? Because they are supposed to return the tax to us, but what is tax?

    In the National Bankruptcy which began in 1799 all debts were forgiven so in effect everything is aready paid for so we should go into stores and just sign for our goods. They know this but don’t tell and charge us again but charge us a tax and this is collected by the corporations via corporation tax.

    So the next time you pay one of their bills remember that you’re not actually paying for the goods or services but a tax which they should return to you via the Tax Return. In effect we pay twice for everything and this is the real meaning of double-dipping.

    In the USA they have an IRS Form known as the 1099 OID for the purpose of getting the tax back – not advertised though. LOL

    What a scam eh and now you know why we are poor?

  6. Unknown says:

    @ Anon 4

    Yes and for me the persecution has well and truly begun.

    Only The Truth can set us free and Yashua Anointed IS The Truth.

    Geobbells said “The Truth is the enemy of the state”

  7. Anonymous says:

    Don’t forget the most evil religion ever created, the state religion of secularism.

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