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The Savile scandal reaches its fourth month.  Still not a single living political name has reached the media, other than McAlpine.  The system closed ranks and he walked free of accusation.  

Latest from Exaro, 6 February 2013

Evidence given to a coroner’s court named two employees of Richmond council as part of the alleged paedophile ring centred in the borough.

One victim speaks about hell of being sexually abused as a boy at Elm Guest House

Coded newspaper ads hinted: guest house was for men who wanted sex with boys

Peter Davies: police have no lack of moral courage to tackle child sex abuse – by anyone

Teachers’ leaders warn: schools will use fees to select pupils from privileged backgrounds

Tim Wood: ‘News International has betrayed more sources than anybody in history of journalism’

BBC – still sidetracking away from politicians.  Priest arrested.

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