Manston Heathrow’s future replacement

Flying home yesterday I noticed that Manston in Kent is opening up as a destination for KLM.  It has huge runways, being previously RAF Manston and is able to accommodate the space shuttle.  There are no built up areas nearby and flights can take off and land over the sea.

The rapid transit systems which run on MAGLEV are capable of reaching 300 miles an hour and get to Kent in around 30 minutes from London.  In fact Maglev systems don’t make sense running a mere 25 miles as they do at Shanghai for example.  They can’t get anywhere near full speed before they have to start slowing down.  At full speed they do 5 miles a minute, so an extra 50 miles adds only 10 minutes to the journey time.   You might as well get people down to Kent on Maglev, as bugger up the Thames estuary Boris-style, with planes overflying nature reserves and pressing against coastal populations.  Manston with Maglev would only be ten minutes extra travel time from St Pancras, against conventional rail to the East London estuary.

I wonder if the longer term decision to make Manston the next major transport hub has already been taken, on the quiet.   KLM surely wouldn’t want to start flying to an othwerwise obscure regional airport for no reason,  a place more suited for meeting incoming fighter aircraft, than for finding millions of passengers.

One day the elite will want to recreate London as a peaceful place for themselves and their families to enjoy.  Getting rid of Heathrow will no doubt be part of the plan.

KLM website

Flying soon to Kent Flying soon to Kent
Manston, Kent’s International Airport near the city Ramsgate is going to be the 14th KLM destination in the UK, starting 03 April 2013. Kent is also known as the Garden of England. Green landscapes, numerous gardens, palaces and a unique coastal landscape characterize the county. Canterbury is only 25 miles away and London can be reached by car in about two hours.

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3 Responses to “Manston Heathrow’s future replacement”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The people en masse have said they want any new airport to be on the Thames marshes, away from towns and people, and underground high speed railway to major transport points gives a viable answer.
    But is it needed, British people even those who can afford to no longer go abroad in anywhere near the same numbers, there are 680 UK summer festivals offering from basic to luxurious weekends away.
    The need for the new airport has not ben shown to the people who pay for it

  2. Tapestry says:

    Manson’s already built. It only needs a fast Maglev link to central London and Heathrow could be free land within ten years.

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