Jackie did it

Hi Tap,

In relation to your articles concerning the assassination of JFK I
concluded there had to be a proper scientific explanation how a bullet
causes damage to the human body and came across an article by Dr.
Vincent J. M. Di Maio describing such in the link below.

High-speed bullets damage organs in ways different from what we
usually think. Here is an extended passage from one of the U.S.’s
foremost authorities on the subject, Dr. Vincent J. M. Di Maio, Chief
Medical Examiner and Director of the Regional Crime Laboratory, County
of Bexar, San Antonio, Texas (from his Gunshot Wounds, CRC Press, Boca
Raton, FL, 1985).


It would seem logical to assume therefore, after watching your videos
and reading the above, that the fatal bullet which killed JFK did in
fact enter from the back of the head and that Jackie Kennedy who was
leaning round JFK’s back would be my prime suspect.

Kind regards,

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  1. Anonymous says:

    this is nonsence, so jackie could have killed him in private but chose to shoot him in front of milions, come on tap .really !

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Here’s a question for Gordon.
    Why does Lee Harvey Oswald look like Jim Reeves.
    Why does Marina Oswald look like Patsy Cline.
    Why does Walt Disney look like Adolf Hitler.
    It just seems a bit eerie!!

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