‘How I cured myself of Lyme and Morgellons’

A commenter said he’d contracted Lyme and Morgellons and recovered.  I just had to ask how.  Here’s the reply.


No tick bite. Himalayan Salt and Vitamin C cured me of both. High dosage (1g of each per 14 pounds body weight).

It seems they may have been vectoring Lyme in the chemtrails, as most Morgellons sufferers also have Lyme symptoms and many test positive (which is tricky as it depends on quality of test and NHS ones are rubbish).

It is the hardest thing ever to get rid of, and there does seem to be some link with mould/damp in the house. I lived on a flightpath at the time, and remember walking my dog through cobwebs on the grass (chemwebs?). My dog got it too and died somewhat prematurely of a brain tumour.

I cannot describe what a fight it was to get rid of it. Spent 2 hellish years suicidal and bouncing from cure to cure, doctor to homeopath…anyone who I thought could help. Spent thousands.
Took further 6 years to have any quality of life. It was a living hell.

Doctors were a waste of time. Even Tropical Diseases hospital was too.
It is most definitely only contagious to certain individuals, which is why I have been interested in the genetics link.

If they can target one set of genetics, then they can target another. The connections as to who gets most sick suggests it is genetically targeted.

I find it very interesting because I know what….and think I know how, which brings the all important question why.

The answer lies in my genetic history I think.

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4 Responses to “‘How I cured myself of Lyme and Morgellons’”

  1. Anonymous says:

    How do you use the Himalayan salt? TX

  2. Anonymous says:

    How do use the Himalayan salt? Dissolved in water? Must it be only Himalayan? TX

  3. Tapestry says:

    Bathe in it dissolved in warm water for thirty minutes

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey hey hey, ( you know who this is ) I use a mixture of NutraSilver and homemade ionic colloidal silver. It works to keep morgies ( morgellons disease ) at bay. Man, this is one
      VERY bad, sinister world we live in today. Truth is, the mental health brainiacs don’t have to put us in no psychiatric ward!, because we’re already LIVING in one!!!! A “GLOBAL” one! Aw, but don’t listen to ME, I’m just another one of them CONSPIRACY KOOKS!!!

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