Harold Shipman was a small bit player

Pamela Jean sends –

Just read your block on the secret justice bill.
Are we living in a democratic country or are we controlled by the people we do not see?
There’s a section which refers to Mi5:6, black helicopters etc.  This is precisely what MI5/6 CIA MILAB fear – there true antics bring revealed. Whilst they operate under ‘secret’ unlawful methods which includes targeting innocent citizens, removing their human rights to be informed of the ‘unlawful’ acts being used against them and ‘taking people out’ when there is a risk the ‘whistle blower’ just might be believed – renders us all to be living under the total control of a group of people one can only refer to as ‘Mafia’.
Please refer to ex Government Scientist Barrie Trowers on U Tube for confirmation of exactly what these ‘covert’ highly paid operators are really up to.
I can confirm the following:
Micro chipping without Knowledge or consent – in the eyes, head, arms, legs, torso and internal female private parts.
Rape, mutilation of female private areas
Unlawful medical operations carried out via the Astral whilst renting property close to the person they are targeting – without knowledge or consent.
Restructuring a citizens face and body
Use of micro wave weapons upon the human body without their consent
Mind control
Gang Stalking
24/7 365 days a year surveillance over many many years.  It does not cease until death – usually at the ‘covert’ operators say so.
Many innocent people are loosing their life by simply bring ‘taken’ out by these ‘covert’ operators and the death bring recorded as suicide.
What do they tell the doctors, nurses or consultants or anyone who you may seek help from? The person is a risk to security!!! At pensionable age – I hardly think so.  Or they are suffering paranoia which enables the GP to have them sectioned or maybe the police will do their job for them.
Unlawful access to people homes – they are ‘Covert’ Operations and if they say someone is a high risk to UK security they then appear to be able to conduct a system way outside the law.  Police are involved with their ‘covert’ operation. Who authorizes the document granting them these ‘unlawful’ acts / is the local council involved in granting permission to allow them to tap peoples phones etc. Which seems to extend to anything else they wish to do.
What I have observed over 10 years of being ‘targeted’ is the slow hacking away at a Human beings right to enjoyment of their family life and their home. Many senior citizens and many mature women being targeted to obtain their homes.  These are each targets to suddenly discover thev’e been rendered incapacitated and no longer able to take care of themselves.  How many suddenly die when admitted to hospital? How many are put into homes to be rendered into ‘zombies’.  Their homes sold off to pay their fees?  Usually their homes will be sold below market value or go to sealed bids! This is just one element of the scandal of present day living in the UK.
Harold Shipman was a small bit player in comparison to what actually is happening to our elderly citizens.
The targeting of myself must have cost the UK taxpayer trillions of pounds over the years.  If you are available to help reveal this unlawful practice by MI5/6, UK MET Covert Operations, MILAB – it might even involve Kroll- another covert (privately operated) operation paid for by the UK taxpayer
Please help reveal these unlawful activities conducted by British Covert Operations.  This bill is to cover up the truth as more and more petitions are being submitted to the European Courts from World Wide Human citizens citing the above and more. They are using NAZI methods of inhuman experiments on our citizens

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    Jimmy Savile and Dr Shipman ….

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