Families no longer work together

MPs are given free Mental Health treatment in Westminster. The supposed representatives of you are only allowed into government, once they’ve been interviewed, and been told what’s what.

 If they don’t keep to the script, they are got rid of. The Rockefellers set up Foundations which run the world, which also keep the media in line.   I can’t watch long videos with kids running around as I used to once do.  There are too many interruptions, and wife not happy that I’m locked away on the laptop for an hour.

Family and community have been culturally dismantled, so that government deals directly with individuals, unprotected by each other.  This is a good Alan Watt video which explains who dismantled our communities and families, how and why.

In the Philippines the control system hasn’t broken up families.  It controls by suppressing people economically rather than politically.  Everything is run by cartels which keep prices up and wages down.  Moving between the UK and the Philippines, you visit two very different systems of elite control.  I have found the family/community break-up in the UK very distressing over the last fifty and more years.  I grew up on a small farm in the 1950s where everyone spoke to each other in the village, unlike today where people move in who don’t want to talk one word if they can help it, from one year to the next.

Family has its ups and downs, but being a businessman makes me anathema to at least one ‘left wing’ close relative who’s been told that all business people are greedy by definition, and all teachers and nurses etc are virtuous.  Independent existence, stepping aside from the corporate life and state dependency is culturally frowned on all round.   That’s not the case everywhere in the world.

In the Philippines, you are usually surrounded by tens or hundreds of people who all want to talk and share life.  It’s a bit like going back to the world we used to have in Britain but which was taken away.  Business skill is admired.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    excellant article, thanks for this TAP, we are are all controlled, soviet defectors kept telling us it was coming, and the communist system we are now under was instigated by churchill initially
    in his subservience to stalin,
    we now have stalins britain

  2. Julia says:

    I sometimes think that different parts of the world are just at different stages along a very similar path. A circular path. At some extreme point, a big empire self destructs and begins again with nothing. Egypt keeps moving around to Rme, Greece, Troy, London, whatever.
    I also think it may be the same sort of thing with individuals and communities. Everything following a more or less repeating pattern, like wallpaper.
    The aborigines of Australia used to have a society with Kings and Queens, but then became more advanced and learnt how to live with nature and use their own human powers to get everything they needed.
    One thing seems certain, and that is that I will never get to understand how it all works in my current lifetime.

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