Does Owen Paterson know? Superweeds are killing US crops.

US farmers flood fields with dangerous poison to fight Monsanto superweeds

US farmers flood fields with dangerous poison to fight Monsanto superweeds
by Jon Rappoport
February 25, 2013
You’re a farmer. Season after season, you watch your fields being taken over by Monsanto superweeds, which are resistant to the herbicide Roundup.
What are you going to do? You’re locked in. You’re buying your GMO seeds from Monsanto, and the food crops that grow from those seeds are supposed to be resistant to Monsanto’s Roundup, so that’s what you spray on your crops.
But the weeds aren’t resistant. They spread and they grow taller. They’re taking over.
So you, along with many, many other US farmers, go to a strategy called “burndown,” which is just as bad as it sounds. You use something a lot stronger than Roundup to kill those weeds: Paraquat, for example, which has been banned in 32 countries.
You drench your fields with it in the fall. You kill anything growing. And you drench the fields again in the spring, before you plant. Then, just as you’re going to plant, you hit the fields a third time with the poison.
This is in addition to all the sprayings with Roundup, which is toxic, too.
Then you harvest the crops and you sell them. And consumers eat the food along with all the poison.
Tom Philpot, writing in Mother Jones (Feb.6), reports the alarming stats on the superweed takeover of US farmland. As of 2012, almost 50% of US farms had superweeds. In 2011, it was 34%. In Georgia, it’s now 92%.
The total acreage of US farmland with resistant superweeds jumped by 51% in 2012. In 2011, it was a 25% increase. That upward- percentage escalation is called a nightmare.
Well, so farmers are poisoning the hell out of their food and their fields. But with Monsanto’s super-duper GMO technology, the crop yields are still much bigger than they would be without the GMO seeds, right?
The Institute for Responsible Technology cites and quotes three reports on that score.
An International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science, and Technology for Development study, signed on to by 58 governments and 400 scientists, states that GMO crop production is “highly variable,” and in some cases it has “declined.”
The Union of Concerned Scientists’ 2009 report, “Failure to Yield,” emphatically stated: “Commercial GE [genetically engineered] crops have made no inroads so far into raising the intrinsic or potential yields of any crop.”
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  1. WOW ! The world really is going completely bonkers – and the rate of bonkers increase seems to be exponential.

    QE2 and pope responsible for deaths of 50,000 kids ! And this Monsanto story is crazy…who are these people, what are their values? Don’t they have wives and children, Mums and Dads, etc?

    I was thinking this morning – human qualities like humility, empathy, kindness, giving-a-shite about other people (because you are a person, as well and so are your family and friends!) seem to diminish the further up the pyramid of control one gets.

    Maybe, towards the top, these values of human decency hit zero.

    By the time we get to the top of the pyramid, these values have been inverted. They really fu**in’ hate the rest of us. It like there’s some totally evil force, or entity, right at the top of that pyramid, controlling everything, hell-bent on the total degradation and then the complete destruction of mankind!

    Everything else on earth and in the universe seems to be pretty much perfect. So what’s wrong with us and the forces that run human society?

    Some of us are happy to go along with it, being rewarded by the corporations and governments in their control; some of us will never go along with it and wilfully try, as hard as we can – most of the time! – to live a decent existence.

    Hmm. It’s all very confusing…it’s almost as if we’re being tested. How will ‘this’ or ‘that’ person behave? What temptations could be offered to individual humans to see what road they will take? Money, fame, endless sex, drugs, drink, adoration, power, etc.

    Hold on..! But, we know these are all things that are very bad for us! But so many seem to want them anyway. More confusion.

    Someone is fu**ing with us humans…why weren’t we warned that this was going to happen?

    Stop press! I’ve just been advised that we were warned! We were told in advance that all this was going to happen! It’s all in a book, called the Holy Bible, which is all about someone called Jesus Christ, who IS God and came to earth and lived and died as a man, to warn mankind of all that would happen in the future and also what mankind must do in order to be saved from the coming destruction of the world!!! WOW, that really is AMAZING!

    The forces that run this world knew that God was coming. He suffered the most barbaric death imaginable at the hands of these forces and they thought they’d beaten him – when really it was His greatest victory! What story could better illustrate the difference between the forces of this world and God?

    So, the choice is ours. We have free will. We can go one way or the other.

    It really is that simple, people and we’re getting close now, so it’s time to decide. There can be no fence-sitting, no compromise.

    Who’s side are you on?

    You need to prey to Christ Jesus, ask forgiveness for your sins, read the Bible as it really does explain everything…the Holy Spirit will come to you and make you a new person.

    The time is now, we ain’t got long…

    God Bless You

  2. Anonymous says:

    Tyler, calm down, show some respect and stick to reason. Force feeding people in a rant is a turn off (and learn how to spell pray unless that is you are showing us you are a troll).

    One of the reasons for the second coming is to deal with these very criminals:

    “The nations were angry and your wrath has come. The time has come for judging…for destroying those who destroy the earth.”
    Rev 11.18

    Starting with the Iraq War (Euphrates) we are now in a unique period in time, namely the sixth trumpet (Rev. 9.13-21) which will conclude in the destruction of 1/3 of mankind – as these psychopaths want.

    The important message for the individual is that

    “…God…through Christ changed us from enemies into his friends…gave us the task of making others his friends also.”
    2 Cor. 5.18

    God created man for friendship is what it is about.

    Told Him I wanted to work for Him so He set it up for me to retire at 32 that I might do so. It was amazing how He arranged it. He is forever undermining the schemes of my enemies and there is no shortage of them.


  3. A10Sean says:

    A heartening take RabbiT !


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