Conspiracy to rule the world. Theory, no more

Shockingly Real Conspiracy To Rule The World, Matrix Training Revealed, Political Charity Using Behavioral Modification
Thursday, February 21, 2013 6:01

Common Purpose Is A Political Charity Using Behavioral Modification

Common Purpose (CP) is a Charity, based in Great Britain, which creates ‘Future Leaders’ of society. CP selects individuals and ‘trains’ them to learn how society works, who ‘pulls the levers of power’ and how CP ‘graduates’ can use this knowledge to lead ‘Outside Authority’.

The Official Common Purpose video – made by Ridley Scott

Children, teenagers and adults have their prejudices removed. Graduates are ‘empowered’ to become ‘Leaders’ and work in ‘partnership’ with other CP graduates. CP claims to have trained some 30,000 adult graduates in UK and changed the lives of some 80,000 people, including schoolchildren and young people.

More videos:

But evidence shows that Common Purpose is rather more than a Charity ‘empowering’ people and communities’. In fact, CP is an elitest pro-EU political organisation helping to replace democracy in UK, and worldwide, with CP chosen ‘elite’ leaders. In truth, their hidden networks and political objectives are undermining and destroying our democratic society and are threatening ‘free will’ in adults, teenagers and children. Their work is funded by public money and big business, including international banks.

It is important for researchers on this site to realise that the majority of Common Purpose ‘graduates’ are victims, who have little if any understanding of the wider role of Common Purpose within UK society, nor of its connections to higher government and the European Union. Drawn into CP training by a flattering invitation, or selected by their company or organisation, this recruitment is normally carried out by a previously trained CP person – now recruiting for the cause. Candidates are screened and selected (or rejected) by CP Advisory Board members in their area.

Both candidates and ‘trained graduates’ will have no real understanding of Common Purpose’s wider role to help achieve a political and social paradigm shift in the UK. The real objective, would appear to be to replace our traditional UK democracy with the new regime of the EU superstate.
By blurring the boundaries between people, professions, public and private sectors, responsibility and accountability, CP encourages graduates to believe that as new selected leaders, CP graduates can work together, outside of the established political and social structures, to achieve this paradigm shift or CHANGE. The so called “Leading Outside Authority”. In doing so, the allegiance of the individual becomes ‘re-framed’ on CP colleagues and their NETWORK.

Official Common Purpose videos:

Using behavioural and experiential learning techniques, the views of graduates can be remoulded to conform to the new Common Purpose. Most will not be aware this has happened, but we are given immediate clues in descriptions by graduates that Common Purpose training is ‘life changing’, ‘disturbing, or ‘unsettling’. Trained and operating under the Chatham House rules of secrecy (details of discussion, those present and location are not disclosed), CP graduates come to operate in ‘their world’ of Common Purpose. Please go to Document Library …….Category………Mind Control Background on this site for historical information regarding manipulation of people’s free will and behaviour.

The term ‘GRADUATE’ is used deliberately so as to prevent disclosure of involvement with Common Purpose. As ‘MEMBERS’ of CP, which is more appropriate, individuals in the public sector would have to declare their interests. So strong is the Common Purpose bond, that some individuals will lie to hide information and documents considered ‘dangerous’ to the CP cause. People challenging CP colleagues have been victimised and forced out of their positions.

Common Purpose is linked to a host of other suspect trusts, foundations, think-tanks, quangos and so called charities. DEMOS is a key example. These organisations funnel political and social CHANGE policy through CP, to re-frame graduates. Examples range from promotion of Diversity in every company and organisation, to Curfews for young people.

Common Purpose the Unseen Invasion – Brian Gerrish

Common Purpose promotes the ’empowerment of individuals’, except where individuals challenge the activities of CP, and public spending on CP. These people are branded vexatious, extremist, right wing or mentally unsound. Mrs Julia Middleton, the Chief Executive of Common Purpose, praises the work of German bankers. Deutsche Bank is, of course, a major power behind Common Purpose. Mrs Middleton, earning circa £80,000 p.a. from her charity, is also very happy to promote the term ‘USEFUL IDIOTS’ in her book ‘Beyond Authority’. Are we the General Public the USEFUL IDIOTS, or are the Elitest Common Purpose Graduates? You must decide.

The greatest evil is not done in those sordid dens of evil that Dickens loved to paint … but is conceived and ordered (moved, seconded, carried, and minuted) in clear, carpeted, warmed, well-lighted offices, by quiet men with white collars and cut fingernails and smooth-shaven cheeks who do not need to raise their voices.–C. S. Lewis (Screwtape Letters). And we should remember that…Evil flourishes where good men do nothing.

Recent articles in the mainstream press and media concerning Common Purpose and Leveson have tried to suggest that Common Purpose is an old-boys network of the left. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Common Purpose infects all mainstream political parties including the Conservatives. The diagram below shows the influence of Common Purpose to the top of the Conservative party with key figures such as David Cameron, Francis Maude and Chris Patten. The diagram also shows the incestuous CP links to Sir Bob Kerslake, Head of the Civil Service and the BBC. Francis Maude MP conspired with others to prevent the public seeing details of the contracts by which the Cabinet Office Leadership Committee, attended by Sir David Bell Common Purpose Trustee, awarded contracts to his own charity CP to train the Top 200 Civil Servants.
Despite legitimate Freedom of Information requests and Maude’s boasts of Conservative transparency, the Cabinet Office is fighting to withold the information. Why? Because details will clearly show insider dealing and that Common Purpose is key to the Conservative party machinery. The Tories are now the Emperor with no clothes. Corruption, abuse of Freedom of Information rules and dirty deals with Common Purpose hidden from the public.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    re missing deleted link:-

    (this is not available in your country)

    Common Purpose the Unseen Invasion Brian Gerrish


    Fabian Society and their Secret Agenda Part 1/2.

    Fabian Society and their Secret Agenda Part 2/2.


    Dr. Joseph Marra on Beyond 2012 Radio with Tony Kudos, Feb. 16-2013

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have had the opportunity to witness CP first hand, watched former colleagues change after attending their courses and been party to the intimidation and bullying that CP seems to bring out in its “graduates”.


    Well I think certain types of personality react to elitist indoctrination, and those personalities are ususally flawed beforehand. Perhaps thats why we are now seeing so many sexual deviants in the CP ranks, people who enjoy power over others and the feeling of superiority.

    From what I have seen (and it may just be that, my experience) CP recruits the loners and outsiders within an organisations management structure, those who may feel they are undervalued and left out socially. Whether its just coincidence that many are homosexuals who may feel they are the misfits I cant say, but it does appear that those with a grudge get elevated, especially if they are homosexual or openly wear a badge of sexual deviancy. Within “my” organisation (local authority) it is well known that you have to be lesbian to get anywhere.

    I can honestly say that apart from one colleague (male) none of the potential graduates have been nice people, and CP hasnt improved them one bit, instead turning them into little Hitlers. This one colleague who was decent was elevated (to get rid of him I reckon), and not long after he “graduated” left his disabled wife and five kids. As they were friends out of work, the wife later told me that he had changed into a monster, unpredicatable and authoritarian. He was last seen at a Council meeting chatting up another CP manager while his wife lay in a hospital bed. Prior to his training he was a loyal family man.

    Dick, if you are reading this then you know its true, we were once good (work)mates, but I saw you change and when I asked you about the training you undertook you became very defensive.


  3. Anonymous says:

    The CP hoors are everywhere. In Ireland, where they’ve been renting an office suite at no charge for several years from the Minister for Education, they’ve managed to infest the board of Citizens Advice Bureau with three members and, they’re in several Local Authorities. In India, they’ve infested the whole continent. The same hoors utterly destroyed the UK Inland Revenue and the VAT office who were two of the most efficient organizations on the planet prior to been infested with the CP vermin. (They’re usual tactic is to bully each member of staff to within an inch of his/her life until s/he quits the job.)

    If you come across these trash (and it’s almost certain that you will) stomp them out just as you would any other vermin … you can figure out how for yourself.

    Oh, Gordon Brown (the well-known paedophile) was/is also a member.


  4. Pissed off bastard says:

    Weird post on Spivey regarding George Galloway, I left a moderate and fair comment and it was blocked, which is unusual for a man who (rightly) doesnt like censorship himself. Either he’s been compromised just like Aangirfan who went through a phase of odd content, or the site is yet another front. Is nothing in this country real anymore?

    I for one wont be dropping by there again and its a shame because some of his articles were very interesting. But maybe just as those clerics with the hate speech were allowed to xpout their poison because they were paid agents, then perhaps a site that publishes some really near to the bone articles is allowed to because it suits somebody behind the scenes.

    Now who said beware the false prophets?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Common Purpose is another Zionist front to exercise their micromanage agenda on us all.

  6. Anonymous says:

    POB @ 2.19am

    Spivey’s site has probably been hacked so don’t give up on it … he has some very good stuff.

  7. Tapestry says:

    Drop your comment here, and Spivey might pick it up.

  8. Pissed off bastard says:

    Hi Tap, Re: the article attacking Galloways alleged conversion to Islam and bigammy, I posted that bringing race into the equation was a mistake and tainted what was a very informative website, and that as a former BNP supporter who woke up to the fact that they had been infiltrated and become a one policy hate party, and that UKIP had now taken over the role of controlled opposition, I had good reason to believe the politics of divide and conquer were being deliberately orhcestrated to distract and ferment anger, asking why else would millions of Muslims have been encouraged to come here while restricting the opinion of the indigenous population. Instead of concentrating on the symptom we should be looking at the cause, who was behind this policy and for what reason. I ended my comment that a mans race or religion should be of no consequence as long as his ethics and beliefs are humanitarian.

    Hardly the stuff of radicals however I must have touched a raw nerve somewhere. I feel its getting to the point where nothing is as it seems and I’ll be wary of posting on any site where an email address is required, perhaps this is the give away of a Trojan Horse?.

    Sorry for the rant but felt I had to warn others and say something. We are increasingly witnessing more of this knd of thing and if for no other reason we should be aware.

  9. Julia says:

    Amazing that Chris Patten is referred to as a senior member of the Tory Party. I remember when he was voted out in Bath 20 years ago. The people didn’t want him. Since then, he has risen in the political ranks, becoming Governor f Hong Kong, chair of the BBC. I think this is a good demonstration of how our voting system is irrelevant to the true wielding of power.
    Though I suspect that all these people are just faces for public viewing anyway, and the real power is in a parallel hidden hierarchy, made up of Freemasons, knights and others, people with faces that no one recognises that can go about their business incognito.

  10. Anonymous says:

    common purpose was rife when i worked for royal mail, the andrea adams trust investigated huge amounts of racial and sexual bullying by managers, all common purpose of course

  11. Anonymous says:


  12. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Just a thought. One of the first things the Mayor of Doncaster did when elected, was.
    He saved the Borough thousands of pounds by stopping councillors going on Common Purpose courses.
    Is this the reason the Borough is heavily Chemtrailed, for blackmail.
    Will the new Mayor restore the CP agenda as a sweetener.

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