Chips with everything

Burn it down...
A really good way to rebuild something is to burn it down and get the money back on insurance. So many churches 
or other important control centres get burned by terrible fires at convenient moments. I guess that means that your i
nsurance money that you pay for your house that never gets burned down, will go towards the rebuilding of the 
control centre buildings. 

Four letter words...
These can be turned into dates. For example, SION translates as 1965. To get an AD date, you need to begin with 
a 1, so you need an A J or S. 1, 2 and 3 letter words can also be dates, pre 1000AD. FOX is 666, so A FOX is 1666.
 There is no 0, so dates beginning 20 do not transcribe to letters by this method. It's as if each word we use can also
 represent a point in time, as if it's a key to another point in time, forwards or backwards. 
TAP - I don't understand this.

Santa imagery...
The red and white Santa imagery sponsored by Coca Cola is firmly ingrained in the psyche of pretty much everyone
 living today in the West, endorsed by parents and schools. The latest indoctrination is from supermarkets.  Kids 
nowadays are growing up with supermarket sponsorship as normal. Nearly every school will have a banner outside,
 larger than the school sign, saying Sainsburys, or Tescos, or Morrisons etc. This will have been donated generously,
 and is designed to encourage more shopping at the supermarket to get free computers or footballs as rewards for 
the good of the children. It's all supported and promoted by the teachers and parents. The kids are constantly 
exposed to the symbology and logos. Before long, it will be as ingrained as Coca Cola. 

This 3 letter word part turns up a lot. Coincidentally it sounds like A place near me called Tyning appears 
on old maps as Tyney, how did it get changed? Was "ing" in old Bible versions? How was "ing"  introduced, and 
why? The word king also has "ing" in it. 1984 describes the political ideology of Ingsoc. English Socialism. Control. 
We use "ing" a lot in our language, and each time we repeat it, it's a sort of chant, a worship. 

Egypt in England...
It's in Buckinghamshire. The county with the same name as Buckingham Palace. It's a tiny inconsequential 
crossroads, a little bit North of Windsor. It reminds me that Jordans is also in Buckinghamshire, and Jericho is in 
Oxford, just outside the city walls. There are repeating patterns going on here! 

The Savill Garden...
Another Savill Royal link. This garden is in the grounds of Windsor Castle. It's part of the Royal Landscape. Just
 like Jimmy Savile is part of the Royal Landcsape. Other parts of the Royal Landscape are the Valley Gardens 
(Valley of the Kings perhaps?) and Virginia Water (Virgin water?). The Savill Garden was created by Sir Eric Savill, 
described as "grand master" of the woodland garden. Er, "grand master" is the terminology used for the head of an 
Order of Knights. The address of the Savill Garden is at Wick Lane. Places called Wick are to do with Witchcraft, 
Druidry. Wycombe and High Wycombe are two well known places today (both handy for Windsor and Chequers). 

William Penn...
Founded Penn.sylvania. Although he was a Quaker, Quakers being believers in simple lives, he was the largest 
private non Royal landowner in the world. He obviously believed in ownership acquisition and financial wealth and 
power over others. Why is he so revered by the Quaker movement, which claims to be against such things? 

A's and lambda...
The capital A is increasingly depicted as a Greek capital lambda, an A without the cross bar. The lamb keeps 
cropping up everywhere too. Lambda, lamb, lambdoid. Lambdoid is an area of the skull and is where Obama has a 
scar. It's also how Lincoln and Kennedy died. The Holy Lamb of God is Agnus Dei, Agnes Day, St Agnes. Begins 
 "A", what a coincidence. And Obama was inaugurated on St Agnes Eve and St Agnes Day. The sacrificial lamb. 

Knights Templar rising up again...
I have written before on the Knights Templar in Bath. They have an expensive, pristine, HQ, recent makeover in 
2012, centrally located. I was in Abingdon recently, and dominating the centre of the town is County Hall monument,
 with the octagon and gold orb on top, (representing Dome on the Rock), knights carved around the edges, and the 
symbol of Abingdon itself matching Godfrey of Jerusalem's coat. It had an expensive makeover in 2012 too. Not 
just Bath then. Any more towns where this is happening? 

New J....

This could mean New Jerusalem. But I am also curious about places with similar sort of names. New Jersey in the
 US. In Buckinghamshire, Old Jordans has been demised in 2005 (a fire, and a sell off seemed to sort that out), and 
now there is a New Jordans Programme. I guess the old has to be got rid of first, before the new can come in. 
Programme is It's designed to program our minds. 

HMS Royal Arthur...

It's not a ship. It's a "stone frigate". A sort of ship on land. This most likely means that it has it has maritime law. So 
many places and organisations seem to be exempt from the law that the rest of us are told we have to follow. City 
of London, Knights, the armed forces. They are all separate states with their own rules. Murders are often 
committed on cruise ships because they are easier to get away with, no nation law. The name of the "ship" has 
nothing to do with the actual physical vessel, it's to do with the construct of rules and regulations and labels, same 
as an Order of Knights. The "ship" can have a sea vessel as its physical base, or a land camp, or presumably 
anything else. Question the word "ship". We have Lordship, worship, warship, dictatorship, ownership. They are 
vessels for control, to achieve a set purpose. 

Knight Frank...
The Frankish Knights from France morphed into the Knights Templar in 1099 when Godfrey captured Jerusalem. 
There is an Estate Agents called Knight Frank in Bath, and it seems to be elsewhere too, in Beaconsfield for 
example. There is also a Knights of Bath (estate agents) and Knights of Beaconsfield (interior design). Estate 
agents control who owns property, that's their role. That's handy for the Knights, that's what Knights do, they make 
sure they control key property, who lives in it, who owns it and how it is altered. I would say these Knight Frank 
estate agents are a thinly disguised front for the Knights Templar to acquire and control strategic property. 

Turing and Turin...

Alan Turing solved the German Enigma code, thereby inventing the first computer. His speciality was encryption 
and decryption, and making and breaking the code. Computers are programmed with code. A shroud wraps up 
something and covers it, a bit like an encryption layer. The Turin shroud is said to have covered Jesus, and may be
 encrypted with his DNA code. When people die, particularly famous ones, they may be buried in a crypt, encrypted. 
If we decrypt them, can we decipher their code? 
TAP - Turing was mentally tortured to death by the elites.  Maybe he knew too much - such as the war was 
orchestrated.  At Dunkirk e.g., the troops were allowed to escape by Hitler halting Guderian's tanks.  Then Goering 
packed up attacking RAF airfields just as they were about to crack.  General Patton was stopped from closing 
the Falaise Gap, allowing 250,000 Germans to escape.  British tanks were halted on Nijmegen Bridge for a 
crucial 12 hours at Arnhem, and then Patten was prevented from crossing the Rhine and capturing the Ruhr. 
Both sides were being coordinated to a timetable agreed in advance. 
There were computers in use on earth 6000 years ago, and much earlier according to Zecharia Sitchin. 
One was found on a ship in Greece on a ship sunk around 100 BC able to navigate by calculating the movement of 
the planets, which astounded historians.  As Lloyd Pye says, everything we know is wrong.

Extra noisy Helicoptors...
It's happened twice here. About 11ish at night. A very noisy Helicoptor sounding like a washing machine when the 
ball bearings have gone, or a tree stump grinder. A heavy laboured grinding noise. It looks like a large star, with, 
some way in front, a red dot. It hovers in exactly the same position for some time. It seems larger than any 
Helicoptor I have seen. I can't see it properly though because it's always dark. When it moves off, there is a more 
electrical whining sound. 

Microchipped dogs...

The papers say this is compulsory within 3 years. 
(See It's because there are so many strays, they 
say. Be careful what you do to animals, it will soon be done to us. The News also tells us how many people have 
out of date driving licences, that the licence system is breaking down. Too many stray out of control people, I guess. 
TAP - Jeremy Clarkson's been recruited to advance the microchip agenda.  He's bleating like the highly rewarded, 
brain-dead lamb that he is.   He knows you have to follow the flow of the powerful if you want your name to remain 
prominent in the media.  His wealth accrues at the expense of the freedom of everyone else for generations to come. 
No dog of mine will ever be micro-chipped.  Thanks, Clarkson.

Oh, waiter, can I pay with this microchipped finger?

Jeremy Clarkson Published: 10 February 2013

Jeremy Clarkson We have been informed by the government that we have three years to microchip our dogs. And that if we fail to comply, we will be fined up to £500. This is normally the sort of bullying nonsense that makes me want to spit tacks and vandalise a bus shelter.
But I’ve read the details and I’m alarmed to say that the new law seems to make sense.
At present more than 100,000 dogs a year are either dumped or lost, and these days the police are too busy investigating dead disc jockeys to cycle around the parish comparing those out-of-focus “missing” posters on lampposts with the forlorn collection of pooches they have in the station kennels.
We can hardly expect the RSPCA to help out, either. Well, we can, but sadly this once great charity is now little more than a branch of the Communist party, which would rather….

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Jeremy Clarkson of Chipping Norton? Isn’t it a small world!

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    Reading the “ing” part of this post brought to mind a company that has been splashed all over the TV recently.

    ING Direct, it’s a bank that just happens to have a LION as it’s logo, what is a Lion? the KING of animals.

    There is definitely something to this ing thing, but what it is I have no idea, it’s amazing how may times we actually say or write ing.

  5. Julia says:

    Glad Iam not the only one to notice the “ing” thing. Anon.

    Surely Clarkson has done something worthy of blackmail too? Just like Attenborough.

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